Local Oklahoma City Roofers Give Pointers On What To Expect From Roofing Contractors

PAUL FRANKLIN, with Houseman Roofing, tells consumers what they can expect from Oklahoma City roofers. Oklahoma City, OK: Paul Franklin, with Houseman Roofing in Oklahoma City, OK, spoke concerning the expectations consumers demonstrate for Oklahoma City roofers when they have roof work done on their homes or businesses. She said that Oklahoma City roofers will first assure that the surface of the roof is clean and ready to receive the new materials. The old roof may need to be removed, and then the Oklahoma City roofers will inspect the substrate to make sure it is prepared for a new covering. Mr. Franklin said that it is important to prepare the substrate to keep the roof to be mold and mildew free. It will also be sealed from leaks. The Oklahoma City roofers will inspect all deck boards, too, be sure none are broken or water damaged. They also check to be sure the seals around the vents and other protrusions are flashed correctly, so that no water can penetrate around them. This is really important with chimneys, too. Mr. Franklin also stated that drains and gutters should also be cleaned. Otherwise, water will back up and soak the wood where the gutters and drains are attached. The Oklahoma City roofers must also remove organic debris, such as leaves and pine needles, that will rot under the roofing shingles and cause damage to the decking or shingles. Additionally, debris left on the roof will soak up water, holding it against the roof and causing damage. Next, according to Mr. Franklin, the Oklahoma City roofers will check the valleys on the roof, to be sure they are properly flashed. These are the places in the roofline where gables meet the roof. They are often prime areas for leaks. With preparation complete, the Oklahoma City roofers will begin to install the shingles. No matter what kind of roofing system you install, the ridgeline will be protected with materials that shed water to the rest of the roof.  ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN OK AND ROOFING MATERIALS Mr. Franklin says that roofing materials differ in different applications. For example, shingles should not be installed on flat surfaces. They are designed for surfaces with slopes. Otherwise, they will hold water and allow it to soak in beneath the shingle. This will saturate the substrate. With sloped surfaces, shingles are necessary, since they channel the water from the roof before it causes damage.  On flat or low sloped roofs, according to Mr. Franklin, a build-up roof is more useful. Roofing contractors in OK will tell you if the slope of your roof requires shingles or build-up roofing. Usually, a house will need shingles, but porches and sun room additions will have a flat or low pitch roof that requires different roofing materials. Houseman Roofing is a roofing contractor in Oklahoma City, OK. Houseman Roofing serves the entire Oklahoma City area by providing roofing repair and replacement services. For more information contact the company spokesperson, Paul Franklin, at 405-242-4113. Company Name: HOUSEMAN ROOFING Contact Name: Paul Franklin Company Address: 4900 SE 118th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73165 Contact Phone: 405-242-4113 Contact Email: info@housemanroofing.com Website: http://www.housemanroofing.com/