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Huge Little Book of Trump 500 Page Election Edition Released With 20 More Pages

PressReleasePing - December 23, 2016 -The "Huge Little Book of Trump," is the most complete, factual, up-to-date book on the Republican Presidential candidate and elected President, authored by Portland broadcast veteran and non-profit Streetcats/Celebrate Radio director Don Fass, first released October 25 will add a ‘Trumpocalypse’ edition, updated with the results of the election and Trump’s cabinet picks December 27. It is both a serious and fun read, with, author Fass says "All you didn't know about Trump." The nearly 500 page definitive book on Trump's business, personal and political life, candidacy and speech stretch from his real-estate career through his Mexican trip, the alt-right, all 3 debates and October and November surprises, the fake news problem, more details of Trump’s Russia connection and the part Russia played in his election plus details of Trump’s win, his cabinet picks and more.. A major section, Trump A-Z, is the most comprehensive compilation out there of hundreds of quotes by Trump on over 75 people and topics - on every person and subject. There is also a section on nearly everyone's public comments about Trump, a complete look at what the rest of the world thinks about his candidacy and election, his early real estate days to Trump University, the Iraq war and ISIS, his RNC convention acceptance speech, through the Democratic Convention following it, 3 debates and all the October surprises, up until 20 days before the election. The newer ELECTION edition adds the results of the election and much of Trump after election day. "We're trying to give Trump friend and adversary alike a really objective and complete look at him without spin," says Fass. The book is available as a PDF download for a $6.99 donation or as a $19.95 donation for the soft cover ELECTION edition at now (use donor button on page). Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble web sites, the earlier pre-election editions as both a Kindle and soft cover with all proceeds benefiting Streetcats, One Heart for Kids and other national youth organizations. Fass has been a journalist and radio broadcaster since he was 17 in New York City, has done over 4,000 broadcast interviews ranging from the Grateful Dead to Dalai Lama, reported from 29 countries for major commercial and public radio stations and networks, was the founder of one the first radio voice news services and is currently getting ready to launch Celebrate Radio as a full-time, 24/7 national broadcast network to unify Americans and give them solutions based journalism while providing them with positive feature and entertainment programming as well. The "Huge Little Book of Trump" is Fass' third book with 3 more books being readied, ranging from a book on evangelism in America to one on Pope Francis to "Fixing America," then a collection of his classic music interviews over several decades. For more information: or the author’s own blog at (Cover on request.)

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