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Chiang Mai a new destination for Yoga addicts

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PressReleasePing - January 01, 2017 -

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Chiang Mai is already a city where seekers and vacationers come together to learn the secrets of Thai Massage and to do meditation retreats. Now it also turning into a town for Yoga fans. The last 5 years Chiang Mai has become a real cool location to visit for Yoga.  For the Yoga students Chiang Mai is a unique location and has so much has the Yoga lover so much to provide.  So since the start of this decade more and more seekers flocking to Chiang Mai to do Yoga

The Chiang Mai yoga community is not only developing because the number of Yoga studios in Chiang is increased in the last couple years. But is also because Chiang Mai has so much to offer to the yoga students visiting Chiang Mai. In the past years there has been a stark increase in healthy eating places and Cafes, a fantastic number of vegan, organic and vegetarian eating places unfolded and in addition there are many juice bars and fruit and green smoothies’ cafes present.  For the Yoga students who are pursuing a healthy life style this is perfect, so after a session of yoga is very easy to find a nice place to have a healthy organic meal and to hang out and to meet fellow students

Every 50 meters you will find Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai. On every corner in Chiang Mai Thai Yoga massage is been offered. Which is a great plus for Chiang Mai as a yoga destination because Thai Yoga massage and Yoga are closely interlinked with each other. Receiving a good Thai Yoga Massage  can help the practice of Yoga by connecting with the body on more deeper levels and also opening the Body in a deeper way. This can all assist the Yoga student to go more deeper in their practice of Yoga

What makes yoga in Chiang Mai further very accessible for students from the west, is the exceedingly low price of residing. For around two hundred bucks a month a pleasant room can be rented in the old town. If you looking to rent a room at a daily base, price will start approximately at 10 dollars (with private bathroom and toilet). Street food is also widely available and starts from 1 dolllar, if you are looking for a bit more upscale and for a healthy meal, this can easily be find starting from 4 dollars. So this makes Chiang Mai perfect for a longer stay and also for students who need to be a little more careful with their money. If you are on a budget try to resist the temptation of visiting the more expensive restaraunts. Chiang Mai has loads of great eating places which offer high-quality selection of actually excellent food. These are more expensive though, but if you manage to resist all these temptations and focus on your practice of Yoga and enjoying to visit the many temples that are in Chiang Mai. Then you will manage to stay on a budget and can stretch your stay while developing your Yoga practice

Chiang Mai has a great selection and variation of Yoga studios which offer all daily lessons. Some studios offer to 3 lessons a day, while most of them offer 2 yoga classes a day. The cheapest class will start at 7 dollars while the more expensive ones will be 11 dollars. Some yoga studios only offer daily deals there are also some who offer very good deals. One of the more cheap and pleasant offers being supplied is by a studio called Blue Garden Yoga Chiang Mai and Thai Massage training Chiang Mai. For 2000 Baht you can buy an unlimited monthly, which gives you the possibility to do Yoga twice a day for the whole month (less than 70 baht a lesson) . There is a lesson at 9 am and 7 pm description. Then throughout the day you still can have enough time to experience the beauty of Chiang Mai. For 950 Baht you will be able to buy a week subscription which also gives you unlimited access to the yoga lessons for 7 days in a row.

Where the morning lessons are more strength, core based and includes many creative yoga flows. The evening lessons are softer and more based on a yin approach and hatha influenced. But a there is so much yoga in Chiang Mai to find also look around and maybe you find that another yoga studio in Chiang Mai or teacher fulfills your need better

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