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Paintings Online from Bharat Thakur Gallery

PressReleasePing - January 04, 2017 -Painting is an expression of the inner thoughts that come within the soul of a painter. By looking at the art work of Bharat Thakur you can know the state of his mind bent towards spirituality and enlightenment that is beautifully portrayed in his paintings. Bharat Thakur art work is quite unique among the contemporary artists as this talent has come to him naturally as a medium to express his spirituality into visible art. Bharat Thakur has a very unusual upbringing being chosen to lead a different life in the mystic world of the Aghora to understand about life beyond the materialistic world. He was taken to the remoteness of the Himalayans by his master Sukhdev Brahmachari who was groomed with the goals of awakening and enlightenment of the soul to spread the wisdom in the world. During this process he has spent more than 13 years being exposed to the raw power of natural elements sitting in silence and barely having little food and shelter that groomed his spirit beyond being ordinary and understand the power of cosmic energy and God. Once he is back to the world he has chosen painting as his medium to express the realms of spirituality into art. He used eccentric methods and unconventional tools heightened by the dramatic choice of texture and color to express his inner world into the form of paintings. His themes are also quite unique just like his spiritual thoughts with a series of his works on Shiva Sahastranama, Celestial Vision, Inner Universe etc that touches the hearts of the viewer’s offering them abundance of joy and spiritual feelings in an instance. You can visit the Bharat Thakur gallery to choose from his work and buy paintings online for your collection. Most of the paintings from Bharat Thakur are abstract with no defined form of object or style yet one can easily understand the essence of his paintings that stirs our souls and stimulates our brain to decipher the meaning intended by the painter for the viewer’s vision. You can find a huge collection of Bharat Thakur art work from his gallery to buy art work online that has inspired and evoked your spiritual feelings to experience life beyond the ordinary. The Bharat Thakur works on the large canvas alive with vibrant pictures serve the purpose of both evoking spirituality as well as adding an appeal and meaning to your interior décor. Bharat Thakur Art is the best place to buy the artwork online. Here you can find the perfect original art gallery paintings from the largest collection. For more details, please log on to our website Address: India 971557995265

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