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Get Custom inflatable Items for Effectual Business Promotions with Boulder Blimp

PressReleasePing - January 05, 2017 -5th January 2017 --- For business promotional activities, different kinds of ideas are implemented. Using inflatable models for business promotion is popular and has been proven to be effective. For gaining quick recognition for a product or a brand, using these items has been profitable for businesses across every industry. Inflatable items are used in different ways for the purpose of business promotion. You can find large inflatable product replicas or miniature inflatable models. Either way, large or small, they look interesting, grab consumer’s attention and are memorable. As a result, they are effective and have a great return on investment. Inflatable items can further be classified into various types. The most basic classification of inflatables are Cold-Air vs. Helium. Both of them have their own uses. Floating ones draw better attention, as they are placed above ground level. On the other hand, cold-air models are used to draw attention of a certain amount of people at a certain location. For example, they are placed before shopping centers so that before entering to the shopping mall potential buyers can view a specific sale or grand opening. There is a proven correlation with inflatable use and increase in sales or profitability. Floating inflatable blimps are generally used for brand promotional activities. Since they are placed at certain height and kept at a floating state, they gain attention of people easily. These advertisement products can clinch greater visibility or business exposure. They can be seen from far and thus, a large section of people can see the promotional item. Helium or floating inflatables aren’t limited to brands, these shapes can be used for announcing a special or seasonal discounts from a company. Discounts are given to boost sales and these items play major roles in boosting the sales with seamlessness. Similarly, an upcoming event can be promoted through the inflatable items. This is considered as the cheapest way of event promotion. Though cost effective, don’t let the price discourage it’s effectiveness on market share. Even though an inflatable requires lowest investment, it’s reaches a specific market and a calculated time, causing major success in business promotion and sales. The models are used in different interesting ways. Different kinds of structures can be created with them. For example, a product replica can be made with inflatable items. They can be shaped to fit as a gate of an event. The best thing is that these items are highly durable. You can use inflatables for all event purposes. About Boulder Blimp Company: Boulder Blimp Company is one of the leading competitors in the advertising inflatable industry. We specialize in customized inflatable models for all types of business promotions. Boulder Blimp Company creates a quality product at a competitive price. Contact information Boulder Blimp Company Address: 1208 Commerce Court Suite 1A , Lafayette, CO 80026-2799 Phone: 303-664-1122 Email: Website:

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