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Simple to Create a Digital Resume Online

PressReleasePing - January 05, 2017 -If you are looking for a job in today’s digital job market then it is imperative to have a Digital video resume online. Hiring managers love receiving video resume as it lets them screen candidates far more efficiently. They get to see and meet the candidates before they bring them in for an interview. Its a great way to sell yourself to future employers and you should absolutely be part of this new trend. Its very simple to create a digital CV online. All you need is a webcam or a mobile device. If you are infront of a computer a webcam is all you will need. Find a website that creates and hosts video resume’s like Jobma and you can start creating your video resume immediately. There are somethings to keep in mind while you create your video resume. Firstly make sure you are dressed appropriately. Your video resume is an introduction to an employer. So you want to make the right impression. The best way to do that is to dress for the occasion. You also need to make sure you know what you will speak on the recording. I wouldn’t recommend recording everything but it is a good idea to make a list of things you want to talk about and mention them freely in the video resume. You also should keep an eye out on the background of your video. Its a good idea to record it in a clean room free of clutter. You can stand infront of a wall or sit behind a desk. Its also a good idea to rewatch your video resume to find out any technical issues it might have. You should make sure the video is bright and visible and the audio is free of any issues. Lastly make sure your video resume is of the right length. If you make it too long there is a good chance the viewer might not finish watching it. If you make it too short there is a chance you wont end up saying everything you need to. Two minutes is a good mark to aim at so ensure that all your content fits in that time frame. And thats it, you are good to go.

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