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Allergency - Food Allergy Alert - Live on app store

  Allergency - World's first food allergy emergency response and anaphylaxis app  
PressReleasePing - February 07, 2017 -

Allergy Display Ltd in association with TryAround App Ltd Launches "Allergency", the new iPhone app for Food Allergency Emergency Response and Anaphylaxis.

England, United Kingdom - Allergy Display Ltd recently launched 'Allergency', the world's first app that responds to your food allergy emergency by alerting nearby people and sends SMS in one TAP. The food allergy alert app can be used as 'Food allergy Medical id' and 'Anaphylaxis Shock alert'.

Available in 28 major languages - This new and unique app for Food Allergy consumers responds to food allergy emergency by keeping track of standard food allergies and by alerting nearby people or even sends SMS text messages to emergency contacts along with GPS locations particularly useful for young population. It comes quite handy in both emergency and anaphylaxis situations for Kids and Parents.

A no disappointment app for Food Allergy sufferers during allergic reaction, made by food allergy developers. We understand what it feels like to have an allergic reaction and the importance to alert emergency contacts and emergency services quickly. If the condition is extreme, emergency contacts procedure can be initiated by surrounding people.

Features included:

* Sends instant Text Message to emergency contact
* Call emergency services with one single tap even when your phone is locked
* Show food allergy alert when your phone is locked
* Quick Swipe to call emergency services
* See your current readable location while your screen stays locked
* Share your current location in SMS text messages
* Start siren alarm and show your Allergy Card and medical ID to alert nearby people even in locked mode
* Includes standard allergens or customize own food allergens
* Setup more emergency contacts to receive SMS texts
* Customise your alert message, text message, photos and emergency contacts in any language

Allergy Display Ltd, Registered in England & Wales with company number 10345880


Contact Information:

Emmanuel John
Allergy Display Ltd
Mob: 07713152864

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