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Francois Fillon, Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, France, World Read Super News

PressReleasePing - February 27, 2017 -The world is reading remake news, which has done result in USA Elections ("Who is managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton? Reposting this news you can help to improve the world", you can easy find these news in search engines). Also many links news, for example: ; . Everybody should know that to make good situations in society must be real purpose, real reason for politicians, businessmen, for society, for all people, fo you, for all. YOU CAN READ NEW SUPER NEWS: "WORLDWIDE NEWS. DOING REPOST, IMPROVING THE WORLD! WHO IS MANAGING MR. EMMANUEL MACRON? WHO IS MANAGING MRS. HILLARY CLINTON?" ON THE WEB PAGES: FRANCOIS FILLON, MARINE LE PEN, EMMANUEL MACRON, FRANCE, THE WORLD ARE READING THESE SUPER NEWS! DOING REPOST, IMPROVING THE WORLD! (good kind communications); "RUSSIA IS GOING TO MANAGE USA, UK TO MAKE GOOD WORLD? RUSSIA HELPS TO PREVENT TERRORISM IN USA": RUSSIA CREATES WORLDWIDE SUPPORT. For making good relations, good situations in the world, GUIDES accumulate all world security services informational resources, General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service created in Russian Federation (GUIDES, General director, creator: Anatoliy Golod, Ph.D.). For more information, please, call to GUIDES, to Anatoliy Golod (GUIDES). So, if you can help to make good phone contacts, good contacts with journalists, politicians, economists, public, to make good contacts: it is actual for additional big good job. GUIDES contacts: +7(495)7604918; +7(985)7604918; +7(965)3188546, +7(903)1621034, +7(926)4107084 Contact information: Anatoliy Golod General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service Address: Moscow, Russian Federation Phone: +7(495)7604918 Email: Website:

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