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Citizen BRT Eco-Drive Chronograph Tachymeter AT2227-08H Men's Watch: Meticulous Design Meets A Striking Performance

PressReleasePing - March 10, 2017 -The Citizen BRT Eco-Drive Chronograph Tachymeter AT2227-08H Men's Watch is a striking, luxury-inspired timepiece with a fresh, chic vibe for them who love to live in the moment! Adding the swagger to sexy never became easier! The Citizen BRT Eco-Drive Chronograph Tachymeter AT2227-08H Men's Watch combines simplicity to modernism; meticulousness to accuracy. That defines how the BRT shall perform over the years; not just technically but also in terms of aesthetic credibility. That’s because the name signifies it. BRT is a common expression in chatting and text-messaging language; it means: Be Right There. It’s also an expression that denotes - 'I'm on my way. The Citizen Perpetual Calendar is a part of the brand’s Drive collection and shares the same simple yet modern touches. The modern design scheme employs a bright and bold colour combination which, in this case, is bright orange over a subtle gun metal finish. It creates a striking visual appeal. To make things appear even more prominent, the orange hour markers come with a black background, increasing the visibility many folds. Equally contributes the gunmetal hands with white lume, standing out against the gun-metal toned dial. The Citizen BRT Eco-Drive Chronograph Tachymeter AT2227-08H Men's Watch is packed with functions. It runs on a Citizen in-house Eco-Drive movement, granting you absolute freedom from battery changes and an anxiety of seeing it abruptly stop when it’s needed the most. The calibre H504 produces its own power from just any light source, not necessarily sun light; although with sunlight, it charges the quickest. Even under 300 feet of water, from the sunlight that seeps in! It makes the Citizen BRT Eco-Drive Chronograph Tachymeter AT2227-08H Men's Watch the perfect inexpensive all round watch that helps you to party, play and get a quick deep in the pool straight after work. The chronograph function, recording up to 60 minutes in 1 second increments, is more than enough to time up any friendly competition and to a certain extent, even pro-level ones. The H504 is built on a tried-and-true technology, guaranteed to provide an accurate and edgier performance. It doesn’t take more than a light press to run, stop and reset. The grey leather strap with its orange side stitches maintains the parity in the overall colour scheme of the watch. The ridged bezel is a sight by itself and brings the necessary deviation to the smooth, gunmetal tone of the stainless steel. It has markings that count from 13:00 onwards, which is a big aid besides the 24 hour sub dial. The bezel markings help you to read the minutes, not just the intervals, unlike the 24-hour sub dial. All in all, the Citizen Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive is a worthwhile piece if you are looking for sensible fashion at a sensible price.

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