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Opponents say Poland Beginning Departure by Destabilizing EU – The BHB Group

PressReleasePing - March 13, 2017 -Poland’s foremost opposing political group blamed the government of looking to remove the previously communist country from the EU bloc after the foreign minister vowed to challenge the 28 country bloc after a disagreement at a summit last week. Poland’s top diplomat was quoted as saying that poles should drastically reduce their level of trust in the European Union following the reelection of Donald Tusk as head of the European Council. “After Poland was outvoted 27 votes to 1 at the summit, Witold Waszczykowski said that the referendum showed that Warsaw could be cheated by the other EU members,” says Lee Donsen at Shenzhen based The BHB Group. “Waszczykowski stated that the polish government would be have to begin obstructing the proposals of other members as reprisal,” added Donsen Poland created a disturbance over the reappointment of Tusk, the previous head of the current challenging Civic Platform political group, stating that Tusk belongs to the Brussels group that has unjustly alleged the Law & Justice party’s government of undermining democratic principles. The European Union’s decision-making team has started exceptional measures to try to make the government in Warsaw stick to the EU’s regulations and policies. This came after Poland refused to publicize decisions reached by the nation's Constitutional Tribunal that it was not in agreement with. A week ago Law & Justice’s leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski stated that the government isn’t looking to remove Poland from the European Union bloc. Approximately 75 percent of Poland supported joining the EU in a nationwide referendum of 38 million citizens in 2003. About The BHB Group: The BHB Group was formed in September 2002 as an innovative professional financial services firm which specialises in holistic and individually tailored client-centred care for all of an individual’s financial needs that enriches the business ventures and personal lives of our clients by appropriately positioning and protecting what they have today, planning for what they want in their future and preparing the path by which they’ll reach their goals.

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