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Better Understanding Of Pattern Baldness – Androgenetic Alopecia

PressReleasePing - March 14, 2017 -Etiology Of Pattern Baldness From the dependence on the twin factors of genetic and androgens background the term of androgenetic alopecia has evolved, which commonly means pattern baldness. Though the responsible genes hasn’t been identified yet, but it is believed that the pattern baldness occurs due to multi-factorial which is inherited maybe as an dominant trait of autosomal with varying penetrance into scalp. This term is used for both females and males where the pattern baldness observed in men often occurs in the first phase after puberty, which is characterized by balding of the scalp in vertex and deep recession of bitemporal, and on the other hand the female pattern baldness occurs later stage of life, more diffused in nature without any recession of bitemporal. There can be possibility of other factors influencing the hair loss in women, androgen being the primary dependent factor and hence to refer to androgenetic alopecia, the term female pattern hair loss is given to address the condition. The only spared part of the scalp is the occipital scalp in this process where hair remains permanent for the life. Why Choose FUT? This procedure is performed by the excision of the tissue strip elliptically from the donor site with a scalpel of single bladed. The strip tissue is then dissected into smaller segments into follicular units which then inserted into the bald area under the stereomicroscope magnification. Logic Of FUT This has several important characteristics why one should opt for it, which are: • The grafts are of same size nearly and hence the recipient sites are of approximately the same size to transplant them. • Denser grafts packing are obtained by smaller sites • Bleeding is less with smaller sites • It achieves a natural look By this method, most of the hairs are inserted into the recipient site with a smallest wound. Limitations Of FUT This procedure has lots of disadvantages as well which are: • Follicular units are delicate and require special handling • FUT needs microscopic dissection of hairs • Follicular unit dissection is exacting and requires special skill • It is labor intensive and time consuming • FUT needs more assistants and is more expensive Micrografts/Minigrafts Vs Follicular Unit Transplants Micrografts or minigrafts area technique where the random dissection of each follicular units are separated by the strokes by the blade vertically without any assistance of microscope and therefore the dissection of the grafts are easier and faster, though this vertical strokes may damage the units. This technique is also thicker as compared to the follicular units and needs a bit larger holes to insert the grafts. However, the few fallbacks, this technique is considered to be superior to the FUT with satisfactory results. For more details please visit at .

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