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Faith Based Tourism: Overview, Highlights, and Industry Outlook

PressReleasePing - March 15, 2017 -Global trends and lifestyles always influence travel. It was after World War II people started taking holidays, vacations, and incentive tours. Faith-based tourism is travelling majorly done by devotees to visit religious destinations with the aim to explore or learn related teachings, art, food, tradition, and architectures. There are many types of faith-based tourism such as day-trips and local getaways, pilgrimages, museums, religious and heritage tours, religious guest houses, conventions, festivals and events, cruises among others. It is the only form of tourism persisting from ancient times; these holy places are not only centres of religion, but also depict the economy and culture of that area; for instance, Jerusalem, Mecca, and Rome which are holy places and attract millions of visitors each year. Faith-based tourism encompasses many aspects of the tourism industry that includes missionary travel leisure (fellowship) vacations, pilgrimages, religious cruising, conventions and rallies, monastery visits as well as crusades. There are many faith-based camps organised to attract and guide the tourists. The religious tourism is unaffected by the global economic variations and is on its steady growth. As compared to other tourists, faith-based tourists are more loyal and devoted. Nowadays faith-based tourism is becoming a big business; around 300 million devotees travel to holy sites globally. Faith Based Tourism: Drivers The prominent factors which boom the market of faith-based tourism is the pilgrims' mind-set or religious faith; for appeal to the Almighty in search of safety and preservation from the random vagaries of life, such as financial, emotional or physical crises. Other market drivers are the traditional rituals to follow among following devotees and the growth in per capita income which is driving the faith-based tourism industry by bringing pilgrims to holy sites from all over the globe. Request Report Sample@ Faith Based Tourism: Opportunities Faith Based Tourism offers an enormous opportunity for travel and hotel industries as well as many small vendors such as tourist guides, photographers, goods sellers, retailers and many more. Some opportunities from the business prospect listed are many domestic and international transportations including airways, roadways, and seaways. Other opportunities are encountered to make faith-based tourism more convenient or tangible for financially poor pilgrims. Association between other pilgrims for the development of faith-based tourism brings awareness about business opportunity associated with faith-based tourism by providing services such as halal or kosher food as per the requirements of pilgrims, faith-based music, souvenir products and performing many other activities to attract more pilgrims. Faith Based Tourism: Trends Some of the trends followed in faith-based tourism are Americans travelling internationally for religious tourism especially to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. Cruise companies are making an effort for bringing pilgrims as passengers. Missionary travel, as well as volunteer vacations are achieving pace. To draw more visitors on faith-based tourism, goods are being custom-made according to the pilgrims’ requirements. Visit For TOC@ Faith Based Tourism: Restraints As faith-based tourism is practiced from ancient time and is a tradition to follow among many religions all over the globe, hence, consistency in the visit by devotees can be seen extensively, but some factors such as lack of facilities, chances of accidents, lack of travelling provinces are slowing down the volume of pilgrims to an extent. Although government and the private sector is coming up with many initiatives to overcome the hindrances, limitations such as seasonality rush, shortage of rental transportation, over occupancy of rooms, serious crowding of the holy sites and unorganised facilities hinder the growth of faith-based tourism. Faith Based Tourism: Options There are thousands of religious places to visit across the world. Some of the notable ones include Bagan (Myanmar), Camino de Santiago (Spain), Borobudur (Java), Sanchi (India), Lourdes, (France), Sarvasti (India), Mecca, Madina (Saudi Arabia), Boudhanath (Nepal), Vaishno Devi Temple (India), Jagannath Temple (India),Armagh (Northern Ireland), Jamek Mosque (Kuala Lumpur), Batu Caves (Selangor), and many others. This comprehensive report equips readers with lucid information and analysis on the sector. Future Market Insights’ experienced travel and tourism analysts bring to you accurate and unbiased information to help you make crucial decisions with confidence. Full Report Analysis@ The report offers a 360° view – bringing to the fore key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges prevailing in the sector. To offer readers actionable insights, detailed information on historical trends, current scenario, and future projections is provided in the report. The report specifically focusses on the leading companies operating in this sector, highlighting their key developmental strategies. A holistic analysis of the leading players is highlighted to help decision makers understand the overall competitive landscape.

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