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Concrete pond coating according to expectation

PressReleasePing - March 15, 2017 -Linda Robert (Marketing Executive @PondPro2000) said,” Concrete pond has the great compressive strength to hold the water. People prefer it for this strength actually. But when the concrete pond starts to leak it becomes a very awkward situation for them to handle it. It needs strong and sturdy repair capable of supporting the pond through every season. The most critical requirement of any concrete structure is a proper repair, settled and undisturbed. Waterproofing of the concrete pond is based on solid foundation. It cannot be given except by Concrete pond coating. It has been made especially to fill the small pores and little holes. All the waterproofing ways fail in front of continued water resistance. When someone makes the concrete pond, it is in his mind that it will stay longer. They think it impossible to change and leak. Firstly they get a shock at their leaking. Secondly, they get frustrated when a solution becomes the flop in front of water flow. “Waterproofing at the inner surface is difficult and sometimes unattainable. It needs Concrete pond coating that fills all spaces between surfaces carefully. Devoid of dispenses with the cost and additional labor of integral concrete waterproofing, it gives the smooth surface. Applying a waterproofing coating on the inner surfaces of the pond sustain in all weather and temperature. It never peels off or cracks. It tolerates large capacity of water. It is used to waterproof leaking existing concrete ponds.” Concrete pond coating is a flexible way to permanently waterproof concrete regardless of weather. It has developed a simple way to always stay completely sealed under all conditions. Fully encapsulated layers of Concrete pond coating surrounded by concrete, permanently protected from sunlight, weather, wear and damage. It is ideal for harsh conditions or public water feature construction sites. Media contact Corporate Address: Pond Pro 2000 N.E Sales Office 494 Bridgeport Ave Suite 101, PMB 342 Shelton, CT 06484-4748 Phone: 855-788-5836 Website:

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