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Boardwalk Property Co

Boardwalk Property Co

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Buying or Selling Property Through a Trusted Bristol Estate Agent

PressReleasePing - March 20, 2017 -

Boardwalk Property Co aims to offer good agents that are around Bristol to help people in finding the estates that they want to buy or to aid them in selling their property. There are ready and full real estate agency services in Bristol that are open to operate and handle client requests. Customers can expect a lot from Boardwalk Property Co especially when it comes to finding the best Bristol estate agent that is out there. These agents are on to help people when looking for the best property around Bristol and even all over the city since they have offices in Clifton, Henleaze and in Bristol City Centre.

The various things that Boardwalk Property Co offers are doing the services for 0.9% inc VAT with the full services. It also gives people a huge active investor database with over 500 landlords in store. One can find effective independent Bristol companies that are run by Bristolians themselves. The good thing about his is that the company uses social media over printed press which means potential clients can find them easily. The company also covers three locations all over Bristol.

Expecting The Best From Boardwalk

Boardwalk Property Co also offers a reliable agent that can find the best prospects in the market. Not only that but the company is also refashioning the estate agency as well as advertising in the Chinese Right move and giving people exceptional sales completion stats all of which are 91% in completion rates. When one works with Boardwalk Property Co, they can save for about £3000 on a £350,000 house sale. This is the best when it comes to the savings that a company promises to their clients. A full estate agency service in Bristol as well as calculating how much the clients can save.

For buyers, the company offers things such as giving them contact with the Mortgage Broker, with the Solicitor/Licensed Conveyancer as well as the Building Surveyor, Insurance Advisors and even Removal Experts. Not only that but Boardwalk Property Co also offers the support that buyers want to feel when buying property. They may be in estimating overall costs as well as the right buying processes, Boardwalk Property Co is there to help the clients with the buying process. The company basically uses local contractors whenever possible to gain the best sales. When looking for the best property to sell as well, the Boardwalk Property Co will be the best choice since they offer the cheapest estate agents as well as giving the finest service available.

About Boardwalk Property Co
Boardwalk Property Co has refashioned the Estate Agency within Bristol. Nobody would like the normal type of agents and they would like only the best in the market as well. A lot of the agents in the Boardwalk Property Co are on social media which makes it very easy for more people to get in contact with them. The company has at most 800+ followers on Facebook, 3000+ on Twitter, 2000+ on Instagram and so on.

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Company name: Boardwalk Property Co

Contact Nos:
Head Office - Henleaze: 0117 9898 222
Harbourside: 0117 9898 209
Clifton: 0117 9898 219


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