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Is Mount Meru Trekking Simpler Or Arduous

PressReleasePing - April 08, 2017 -Why African safari holidays are the new big things? Why are they considered the life time achievement? Why do thousands of people rush to this continent every year? The simplest answer to all these questions is it is for African wilderness found nowhere in the world. It is right. But every Safari is ended with either Mount Meru Trekking or of Kilimanjaro. As at the end of hectic gem chasing everyone want to chill on the snow capped peaks where peace and tranquility prevailing all the time. Mt. Meru has earned its reputation as the younger sister of Kilimanjaro, and the persons who do not think physically fit to climb Kilimanjaro can climb on Meru to satisfy their want of mountaineering. Initially Mount Meru Trekking seems to be impossible. As Mount Meru carves the sky with a massive, stone replica of a great white shark’s fin. Just like the smaller marine version, it’s a big warning signal. Meru has defeated even the very cream of the climbing crop. You’ve probably never heard of Meru. You have to be the very best to even attempt Meru. There are no Sherpa’s to carry your stuff, for example, or to set out lines ahead of time. Temperatures can drop below -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ascent requires mastery of all climbing disciplines—ice, rock, big wall—and a comfort doing all of it at high altitude. You have to be OK with sleeping in a portal edge that hangs off the side of a rock face, 20,000 feet in the air, because there’s nowhere remotely horizontal to pitch a tent. It is best to allow three days for Mount Meru Trekking since it involves an 11,483 ft altitude trek. There are two huts available to climbers on the mountain and firewood is supplied. The best time to climb Meru ranges between June to October and January to February. The mountain is usually climbed from Olkokola on the western side of the crater and you need a park ranger as an escort due to the threat of buffalo. Passing through different vegetations, landscapes and encountering some of the animal species on your way to the peak is awesome. Spending night at mid huts and interacting with locals are some of the inspiring experiences. If planning an African Safari, then add Mount Meru Trekking in your itinerary to chill yourself after the hectic chasing of gems at Serengeti or any other national parks. We the Zanzibar Tour and Travels, a local agency with years of experience and expertise have been arranging Meru trekking since years. We have our trained Guides and Guards and trainers who would provide you the minor training for a day or two to make you morally fit to climb the mountain. Our nominal charges, no hidden cost, hospitable guide, have made us No.1 in arranging for mountaineering. Get connected with us to experience the adventure of climbing a mountain peak.

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