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10 Things To Keep In Mind For The Best Wedding Venues In Bangalore

PressReleasePing - April 17, 2017 -It is very important that you choose the perfect Wedding Venues in Bangalore to make sure your fairy tale wedding happens properly. For the rest, there are few more things that you have to keep in mind to make things fall into place. 10 Questions You Need To Clarify Before Finalizing Venues For Weddings In Bangalore 1. How Many Guests Will Be Coming? Indian wedding comes with the words ‘big and fat’, which means there will be a number of people. So, you have to choose accordingly. 2. Are The Wedding Resorts In Bangalore Enough To Accommodate So Many People? Resorts are often the first choice to get married. But resorts can have small banquet hall. So make sure you check if the hall or area is big enough to comfortably fit all people or not. 3. In Which Season You Are Planning To Get Married? If you are planning an Outdoor Wedding Decoration during monsoon, then chances are that there will be literally water spilled on all your efforts. Surely you don’t want that. So it is best to choose according to the season. 4. What Amenities Are They Providing? Most of the venues have wedding packages. Check if the tables, chairs, etc. are included or not. Also, there should be at least 2 rooms for them to keep the gifts and for the bride to freshen up. All these are important to check. Don’t miss the washroom. 5. Do They Have Any Open Space For Drinks And Beverage? Many times the guests look for some open space. See if the venue is permitting with the facility or not. Also, check if they are offering in-house catering or anything else. 6. Is This Fitting Your Budget? Indians are known for bargaining and negotiating, so why should you stay behind? But still if a resort or a high-end venue is exceeding your budget; then always remember, that place was not for you and simply move on to some other Wedding Resorts in Bangalore. 7. Is The Venue Location Convenient? Now, you cannot take charge of personally taking everyone to your wedding location. But the least is to get married in the location that is not even available on Google map! Wedding Locations in Bangalore should be in a place where the guests can arrive easily, and if it scenario is not so, then you should be prepared with some other plan for their convenience. 8. Is Nearby Accommodation For Guests? Continuing with the previous point, check either there is accommodation available in the resort itself, or there is any guest house for the guests to stay. 9. Is There Any On-Site Co-Ordinator? There must be! If you were not aware of then know it now. Every venue will provide you with at least 2people who have enough knowledge and idea about the place. So that in the case of an emergency, you know there’s someone to handle the situation. 10. Is There A Parking Lot? You don’t want others around the venue to scream because there are cars parked in front of their house. So, it is always better to choose a venue with a parking lot. To gain more idea regarding the perfect Wedding Venues in Bangalore, it is best to contact a professional who will guide you properly. Have a happy wedding! Contact Info: Website:

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