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Outreach Auto Donation Program Helps Open New Avenues For Children in Need

PressReleasePing - April 25, 2017 -New York City, April 25th, 2017- Those with cars can now consider giving the vehicles a good farewell. One does not have to take the hassle of finding a buyer to get the car sold. Those who have vehicles that run or do not work anymore can be donated for a good and noble cause. You can donate your junk car to Outreach Center which works with all well-known and recognized charitable organizations that are recognizd by the IRS. When a car is donated to the Outreach Auto Donation Program, it is accepted whole-heartedly. You can just hand over the keys and the title papers to Outreach Center and they will handle the rest. The donor does not have to give anything for towing the car away or incur any expense in getting the car in shape. The only thing that matters are the title papers. This is necessary to ensure that if the vehicle is ever used for any other purpose, then your name will not be dragged into it. One of the spokesperson of Outreach Center says, ‘The vehicle can easily be donated to Outreach Center. It is an easy 3 step process. Once you have decided to give the vehicle up, just get in touch with us. You have to share the details of the vehicle which you can do by filling an online form or you can tak to one of the representatives who will share all the details with you. Once that is done, you can fix the time and place and get your vehicle donated. It is as simple as that. Once the process is over, you will be handed over all the papers for documenting the donation and also which will come handy when you decide to claim the tax deduction that you are liable to because you have donated the car to Outreach Center that works with all IRS recognized charitable organizations.’ Donating your car has many benefits and Outreach Center needs the help from vehicle owners to carry on with their noble cause. Visit for more details. About The Company Outreach Center is a non-profitable organization that accepts Car donations NYC and auctions the vehicles to arrange for money that helps in funding the many service programs for the underprivileged children.

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