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Women are opting for unauthorized but safe abortion in the US

PressReleasePing - May 04, 2017 -Since the Republican President’s win, women’s reproductive rights have been at risk. Since he had proclaimed his ‘pro-life’ stance throughout his campaign, it came as no surprise that most restrictive and anti- abortion bills have been introduced since his election. He has even suggested that women seeking pregnancy termination must be punished if abortion is to be criminalized. He already has begun doling out punishments, one of them being- signing the Global Gag rule, which prohibits the US from financing the sexual health clinics across the world that proffer pregnancy terminations as part of their services and he has also threatened to defund Planned Parenthood if they continue to offer abortions. A sea of anti-choice acts since the election Emboldened by the presidential win, there are numerous anti-choice bills that have been introduced. The worst ones among them are the post- 20 weeks’ pregnancy termination ban in Ohio. Not long after, in February, the Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphries opined that women needed the father’s permission if they wanted to abort, calling women as merely a “host” for pregnancy. In Arizona, a bill was signed recently that all fetuses that are “born alive” should be resuscitated, regardless the medical opinion of the healthcare professional administering the pregnancy termination. The latest news was that Republican senator of South Carolina backed a personhood bill, which gives the fetus equal rights as the mother. Women turning to other options Either way, it is known that when aborting is criminalized, women turn to other options- where it means no insurance, no medical experts, no safety or protection. Women even try to self-induce them which can result into horrible results like permanent injury/ disfigurement or even death. Be it bleach, hot baths, hangers, beating your own stomach, there are many women who have tries these painful and deadly methods. Such restrictions have decreased the number of pregnancy terminations, well on paper anyways. On the other hand, however, many reports have shown that there has been a tremendous increase on Google since 2015 for keywords like “buy abortion pills online”, how to use abortion pills”, “how to self-abort”, how to have a miscarriage”, “free abortion pills” etc. One news agency reported that by the end of 2016, around 4% of Texan women had attempted self-induced abortion, which is at least 100,000 women. Online services There has been increase in websites that offer abortion pills online along with consultation on how to use them. As per these websites, women can access Online Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit (MTP Kit) to terminate pregnancies that are within 10 weeks of gestation. They can be safely used at home and have an incredible 98% of success rate without any complications. Millions of women have used this method without needing additional medical assistance. Although these websites cannot help with legality, they aim to provide unbiased support to women with unwanted pregnancy as well as to council them with medical evidence- based answers and guidelines as per stated by authorized health organizations.

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