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Tips to get listed your content on Google’s feature snippets

PressReleasePing - May 09, 2017 -One of the most prominent SEO trends for 2017 includes getting listed web content on Google’s feature snippet. A perfect SEO and a great content, when walk hand-in-hand, help you to top the SERPs in an organic way. A featured snippet is a synopsis of an answer to a user's search query. It is displayed on top of Google search results. As a feature snippet, Google displays web content that it believes is of high quality content in the specific space. As a rule of thumb, always publish high quality content. To come up with most relevant content pertaining to search query, you can make use of LSI keywords and question-answer forums like Quora. If you will understand user intent and their search patterns, you will surely come up with relevant and high quality content which will get noticed in the eyes of Google. QL Tech Australia is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps small businesses to develop, automate, and grow their ideas and make them sell. Our team of digital marketing experts has gained expertise and confidence to ensure effective and an extra special raise in organic search engine results pages for your website. How we can help you? Our team of expert SEO analysts will get in touch with you to understand your business process and requirements. Accordingly, we will come up with the winning SEO strategy (including strong content marketing strategy on booming social media platforms) for 2017 and beyond that will not only boost your online presence and spread your brand awareness but also increase web traffic to your website and convert leads into sales within a very short time span. Our digital marketing services that help a business grow their brand online, cover a full range of sub-services that include but not limited to: • Search Engine Optimization • Pay Per Click • Content Marketing • Social Medial Marketing • Retarget Marketing For more information on SEO Company providing efficient and proven SEO and content marketing and other designing and development services in Perth, visit QLTech is a top awarded SEO agency and we specialize in helping companies grow significantly using digital marketing to generate more leads and convert more opportunities.

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