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Having Troubles Quitting Smoking? The Yes Baby Fidget Spinner Might Just be the Ideal Device!

PressReleasePing - May 11, 2017 -

Smoking is a habit the human body develops over time. A ritual that the body needs in order feel like it is respecting the patterns it is used to. Humans revolve quite a lot around patterns and our body reacts positively to them. People who tried to quit before, have admitted that when the time to smoke came, they would feel like their body was used to doing the gestures which implied smoking and the lack of a cigar would cause them to fidget.

The people who smoke and suddenly decide to quit the vice have admitted that the process is difficult cu achieve as it still is difficult for them to focus when they feel like they need to smoke. The stress toys for adults offered by Yes Baby helped them fill those blank moments which tempered with their nerves and focus by spinning the device and distracting themselves from the urge to smoke.

In other words, Yes Baby does not only vouch for good quality products as much as they believe that their fidget spinner will help a lot of people who are ready and willing to ditch the unhealthy habit straight away.

About the Product

The Fidget Spinner distributed and produced by Yes Baby at the beginning of this month promises to shake the market of devices that help quit bad habits. Made of great quality materials, this device is renowned for a very silent, smooth spin.

After analyzing the entire market, the small family business launched this product with hybrid ceramic bearings and stainless steel side ones encased in a shield made of rubber to make sure they do not slide out while being used.

This toy is also great to be given as a gift as it comes nicely wrapped in a velvet pouch inserted inside a deluxe, sturdy box.

About the Company

The founder of Yes Baby, Mia. I is a woman who knows high quality when she sees it and because of that she has decided that she only wants to use only the best materials and patterns for her customers.

This small family business based in the USA is set to shake the market on the online ecommerce platform Amazon by providing their products for anyone interested in quitting the bad habit of smoking.

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