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New Database Helps Identify Immunologic Therapies That Often Cure Cancer. Educating Cancer Patients About Immunologic Therapies  
PressReleasePing - May 11, 2017 -

Carlsbad, CA - is pleased to announce the development of a free, comprehensive, online searchable database of immunological therapies.  Immunological therapies are being used in major hospitals worldwide, some of which include America’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and the Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. is a database of patient success stories that is searchable by:

  • cancer type
  • cancer location (breast, spleen, lungs, stomach, etc.)
  • immunologic therapies used
  • hospital or research facility
  • doctor
  • country of treatment
  • sources of information (with an active link to the survivor’s success story)

Patients, families and even doctors will be able to search for possible cures to their particular cancer.

Understanding immunologic therapies simplified: Cancer starts when some of a person’s cells become cancerous. These cancer cells can become a blood, bone, lung or another type of cancer, which may evolve to become tumors. For some cancers, new drug therapies use the patient’s own cells to re-program themselves into tumor-specific T-cells. These re-programmed cells become “weapons” that will destroy the cancerous cells – ideally forever!  It is essentially a personalized medicine as everyone’s cancer is different. 

Visit to learn more about this incredible new database which tells the stories of lung cancer, lymphoma, brain cancer and other cancer survivors. is based in San Diego County in the city of Carlsbad in the state of California, USA.  John Livingstone, the founder, is passionate about spreading information to patients about possible cures through immunologic therapies. estimates 39% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. This information is a valuable resource.


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