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With the Launch of a Rabbit Bottle Opener, Kitchen Supreme has Some Tips for Cooking with Wine!

PressReleasePing - May 16, 2017 -

A man of great expectations and little patience for low quality, Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme noticed that the market for quality Kitchen devices needs improving. Passionate about a good glass of wine, he decided to produce and distribute the rabbit wine bottle opener.

Essential for any cooking process with wine is the choice of an appropriate type of wine.  The staff at Kitchen Supreme suggests using a bottle of wine that can easily be consumed without the necessity of being poured over any recipe. This way, the choice of wines that are either too sour or simply not a good batch can be avoided, as they will not improve the recipe in any way.  The wine opener rabbit contains a booklet called “The Wine Bible” which details the types of wine on the market and how to make sure to choose one that suits each taste.

Adding extra flavor to a dish with wine is just like adding a spice. One thing to be always taken into account is that the longer wine is cooked with the dish, the more its flavor will mellow and because of this, according to which type of wine is being used, a dish will contains less alcohol if cooked for 30 minutes than if simmered for a total of 15 minutes. Before pouring the wine, it is recommended to use the wine aerator from the wine opener set as it makes sure the wine will have an improved flavor.

About the Product

The Kitchen Supreme Rabbit Bottle Opener can either be given as a gift or bought for personal use. All the items included in the set are kept together in a sleek, classy, black box which guarantees all the items are safe during shipping.

The set includes 7 items altogether and these are the foil cutter, the stand, an extra spiral, a wine aerator, a drip ring, a bottle plug and the rabbit bottle opener itself.

For the added necessary information, the box contains two booklets, “The Wine Bible”, which helps with the decision to choose a certain wine and a second booklet with instructions regarding the use of the rabbit bottle opener.

About the Company

Kitchen Supreme was launched in 2013 in the USA. In these 4 years, this small family business has met success and they are continuously increasing their worth as a business with each product they launch.

Mainly operating on the ecommerce market, their aim is to provide a great experience for their customers and as such, they always try and listen to their feedback and provide the best solutions for any issue that might arise.


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