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Yale Professor Publishes Book Which Says Wine is Beneficial for the Brain! Kitchen Supreme Starts Distributing Their Rabbit Bottle Opener!

PressReleasePing - May 16, 2017 -

Frank Williams, the owner of the small family business considers that everything that can improve the quality of life should be distributed in only high quality materials, and because of this, unsatisfied with the options on the current market, he created the rabbit wine opener.

The study at Yale School of Medicine sustains that the brain is the one responsible with creating the flavor of the wine when it is consumed, which is what makes the whole experience a subjective one. And because everybody wants and needs to have a pleasant experience when consuming wine, the wine opener set distributed on Amazon contains a wine aerator, which improves the flavor of the wine when left to air.

The Doctor who worked on the study suggested limited consuming as only a little can stimulate the brain in the right way and more than one glass will bring additional side effects which can impair focus and other essential brain functions. Most wine bottles come with cork plugs, which do not ensure a perfectly airtight environment for the wine, resulting in it becoming sour over time. The Kitchen Supreme wine bottle opener set contains a bottle plug which has its rim made of rubber. The rubber around its edges will make sure that no air will go in or out of the bottle and thus, keeping the flavor for much longer.

About the Product

This Kitchen Supreme Wine Opener is the newest addition to the collection of classy products they recently launched. Built of quality materials, this set comes in a deluxe gift box which makes it idea to be given as a gift.

The items inside are carefully kept still by a layer of sponge which makes the packaging safe during delivery as well as offers a great way to store the separate parts after usage.

The box includes the following items: The bottle opener itself, an extra rubber rimmed plug, a spiral for switching bottles of wine without mixing the flavors, a wine aerator, a foil cutter and a stand.

To support the device, the box also includes two small booklets. The first one will be a booklet with instructions while the second booklet is one called “The Wine Bible” which explains the different types of wine and how to choose wisely.

About the Company

Kitchen Supreme started its activity in early 2013 in the USA and has been increasingly growing as a business ever since. With each launch, they widen their customer base and amaze the ecommerce market with great quality and impressive customer support.

Their mantra is that at the core of each successful business you will find the satisfied customers.


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