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Research Shows that Patients Suffering from Alzheimer’s Might meet Improvements if Given the Chance to Play with Toys

PressReleasePing - May 16, 2017 -

Alzheimer’s is an unforgiving disease which affects close to 5.5 million adults in the USA alone, a number which receives a sense of urgency the moment it is realized that a cure has not been found and people are still battling this cruel disease.

And while a cure does not exist for such a disease, doctors and researchers have tried to figure out ways in which they would stop the incessant need to fidget that is deemed dangerous for these patients.

By offering the patients these stress toys for adults, they have noticed a shift in their attention and they became more patient and calm while the other patients still continued with their destructive behavior.

Doctors have said that as long as the toy the patient is given managed to attract their attention and make them focus on the moment, it is perfect. Yes Baby, a young family business has decided that they want to improve the quality of their customer’s life and therefore, provide the fidget spinner in an attempt to calm their suffering.

About the Product

The fidget spinner toy is a light device of almost 60 grams and of small dimensions which makes it easy to be placed in a pocket or a drawer.

Make of high-quality materials such as ABS-molded plastic and hybrid ceramic and stainless steel bearings, these toys ensure a smooth and silent spin. The balls inside the bearings are encased in a high quality rubber band which keeps them in place as the device spins.

The toy comes packed in a black gift box which gives it a very elegant look and makes it ideal for a present.

About the Company

Yes Baby came to life in 2016 when the owner, Mia .I has decided that she wanted to provide great products accompanied by great customer support on the giant ecommerce platform Amazon.

With the right attitude and the best materials available for her production line, she has set to challenge the market and prove that a small family business based in the USA can make it with just about the right amount of know-how and determination.

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