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A Glass of Red Wine Each Evening is the Answer for a Healthier Life, study shows. Kitchen Supreme Makes Opening the Bottle Child’s Play!

PressReleasePing - May 17, 2017 -

Consuming wine in a decent amount during the evening is considered to be a very healthy option for people suffering from cardiovascular disease and type-2 controlled diabetes. The results were surprising, as the vast majority of the participants showed that consuming a glass of red wine not only positively increased the HDL cholesterol levels but it also induced a higher sleep quality.

According to Julia Zumpano, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic’s heart and Vascular Institute, red wine not only has fewer calories than beer and other mixed drinks as it’s also packed with benefic antioxidants. Consuming too much wine can sometimes not bring the benefits, which is why moderate consumption is advised. The Kitchen Supreme wine opener set contains an additional bottle plug, which will not only keep the flavor of the wine, but it will also make it easier to drink one glass at a time, without overdoing it.

The staff at Kitchen Supreme considers that a healthy mind should follow a healthy body, and because of this, they understood that the ability to lower one’s risk of coronary artery disease, diabetes and even congestive heart failure is a task they should live up to. Their product not only keeps the flavor intact as the wine opener rabbit comes with a wine aerator which ensures that every glass of wine will have an exquisite flavor.

With the launch of this product, Frank Williams, the owner of the small family business hopes that it has managed to satisfy even the most sophisticated minds and tastes and that his wine opener is not just your average product, but a perfect combination of high quality materials and functionality.

About the Product

The Rabbit Bottle Wine Opener distributed by Kitchen Supreme is a product which came to redefine the wine openers market, which did not offer enough products for wine-connoisseurs.

Encased in a deluxe, black gift box, this set contains 7 items in total and they are all carefully placed in between protective sponge inside to avoid damage.

Made with high-quality fabrics, this product comes with all the needed instructions and with a further booklet describing the types of wine and their flavor.

About the Company

Frank Williams founded Kitchen Supreme in 2013 after a series of searches for good kitchen products which can improve the experience and time spent cooking or simply preparing drinks.

He has decided to share his knowledge and devices with his customers and since then, his small family business has met a quick ascension. They are planning on launching a few more products in the months to come and they vow to keep to the specific spotless customer service support.


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