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Reasons why Drinking Wine is Healthy! Kitchen Supreme to Distribute Their Wine Opener Set this Month!

PressReleasePing - May 17, 2017 -

The experiment was carried with a restricted number of moderate drinkers who were susceptible of suffering from high blood pressure. They were less likely to suffer from high blood pressure because they consumed a glass of red wine each night before bed. The people behind the project, at Kitchen Supreme, wanted to sustain the study even further by introducing a practical bottle plug in the wine opener set, which seals the bottle better than the normal cork plug that gets taken out when the bottle is initially opened.

The brain functions and better memory are just a few of the important mentions regarding this study, as it declines the processes of the brain which decline faster with time. As such, the product offered on the market, the rabbit wine opener comes together with all the items necessary that can transform the whole experience of drinking a glass of wine. From the moment the bottle it is opened with the help of the foil cutter, to the moment the bottle is places on the specially designed stand, the wine opener set distributed by Kitchen Supreme vows to bring quality and an experience.

About the Product

The brand new Rabbit Wine Opener distributed by Kitchen Supreme was launched on the ecommerce platform Amazon this month and it currently hopes to impress by its great quality and versatility.

Made with high quality materials from trustworthy sources, this device comes in a deluxe box. The items inside are held together with the use of a black layer of sponge which ensures no damage is to be suffered during shipping.

The box also includes two booklets with instructions on both how to use the kitchen utensils provided and also on how to choose the right bottle of wine depending on personal taste.

About the Company

Kitchen Supreme was formed by Frank Williams, a visionary man who considers that there is always room for improvement in the Kitchen device industry on Amazon.

His aim is to distribute his devices and offer a great service for his buyers. Based in the USA, they mainly operate on the ecommerce platform Amazon, however they plan on expanding and try to offer their products to as many customers as possible.

Their aim is to simply satisfy the needs of their customers and keep producing new products to impress them with each device launched1

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