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Pineapple Juice with Passionfruit and Wine! Kitchen Supreme to Share Their Tasty Recipe!

PressReleasePing - May 17, 2017 -

In order to create the specific recipe, a few ingredients will be required to send the heat away in no time: a few mint leaves, some lime wedges, one cup of pineapple juice and two passionfruit sliced and mixed with crushed ice and club soda. And the ultimate ingredient is the wine, which will give the cocktail a whole new dimension and flavor.

The wine needs to be opened a few moments before being used and then, with the help of the wine aerator found in the wine opener rabbit set by Kitchen Supreme, the wine will acquire a mellow, exquisite flavor.

The bottle of wine can be opened with the foil cutter that can be found in the wine opener set. As soon as the wine is poured over the tasty mix of fruit, the bottle can be immediately sealed in order to maintain its flavor with the use of the extra bottle plug which ensures an airtight, secure environment for the wine. The plug is included in the wine opener set along with the other items secured in the package.

About the Product

The rabbit bottle opener is a practical device which was launched on the market this month and promises to bring great quality for the wine-enthusiasts looking to improve the experience of a great bottle of wine.

The deluxe gift box that contains the device is ideal for keeping the items safe during shipping and it also contains two booklets with additional information on how to use all the items inside the packaging!

About the Company

Frank Williams is the owner of Kitchen Supreme and also an individual dedicated to doing everything in his power to please the customers.

Passionate about health and the benefits of healthy choices, he offers his products to his customers on the premise that it helps them lead a better life.

They are currently operating on the ecommerce market alone but plan on expanding and offering their products to everybody.

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