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Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships personal and business

PressReleasePing - June 17, 2017 -I recently heard about a survey that found 9 out of 10 people will deal with someone they trust but don’t like, over someone they like but don’t trust. Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships, personal and business. I have written before of the importance of every company and organisation building their “trust bank”. Your stakeholders need to trust you – staff, suppliers, clients, potential clients, neighbours, industry contacts, and others. Trust is built by – 1) Putting procedures in place that protects stakeholders and benefits customers, and 2) Telling them about it. At some stage you will face an issue that can potentially damage your reputation – it’s guaranteed. When that time comes, your ability to successfully deal with the issue is directly proportional to the amount of trust you have built. During times of crisis you need your clients, suppliers, employees and others to believe you. They will – if they trust you first. The thought of a proactive, “front foot”, communications and media strategy scares many leaders, who prefer to lay low and hope they can stay under the media radar. Yet each time a stakeholder – one of your ‘publics’ – is exposed to your company or organisation with a positive message, they are building a relationship of trust with your brand. This trust is vital when you encounter negative press or a major issue or crisis. Organisations with nothing in the “trust bank” will quickly see people turn against them in difficult times. Each organisation has risks that can damage their reputation, and when things go wrong, the new age of social media ensures that issues will be exposed in real time. Mainstream media will then expand the reach of this exposure. You can’t hide! Fearless leaders understand that they can’t fight a battle in “retreat mode”. A proactive communications strategy developed during fine weather will help build the trust with stakeholders that you need during the storm.

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