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Volunteering in the digital age, new perspectives

  Agência Nacional de Notícias / ANN Brasil  
PressReleasePing - July 05, 2017 -

Paraná, Brazil - In today's modern world of information technology, many activities gain a better dynamics if products and services have, in addition to the original seriousness, an endless range of partners.

Through Internet it is possible to be nourished by volunteer networks, whose purpose is to provide a variety of activities with absolute focus on the well-being of humanity. As a first aid tool or quick information is made available, energy is saved and time is gained in solving problems.

Dedicating a small part of your time to produce content of interest or help necessary for a specific population, community, groups or even "tribes" is an excellent opportunity to help others.

We are living in a time when mass production of non-informative yet practically "entertainment" content dominates the publications on Internet, see the large number of "PopStar" Youtubers, not that they are not necessary either, but cultural content, relevant information and even mass assistance can and should be transmitted by these modern technology icons. That is the use of popularity to help others.

Easy to handle and use, Planeta Voluntários was born with the premise of strengthening partnerships, adding knowledge and disseminating it in the social, cultural, scientific or charitable front.

Each activity is developed with the determination to search for straight and fast paths, with the purpose of acting in the immediate resolution, because often a response, an alternative or even a suggestion, however simple, may be miles away. With the partners and collaborators, an expressive database is formed and in a few minutes one can act through the community exchange. It is the instant way of acting and reacting.

In the last decade great advances were consolidated by the actions of the electronic media. Many cases considered difficult were solved. People who have long been sought were found; collective aid was given to the victims of disasters, and important and good information was passed on. It is true that there are many tools serving several populations nowadays. In the case of Planeta Voluntários, besides characterizing itself as an organization that excels by absolute benevolence, there is in the backbone of the objectives an immeasurable professional potential, using the network to be and not to have.

Paradoxically many people believe that Internet and its derivations serve to alienate people. I, Igor Dias Da Silva, Planeta Voluntários and the great network of collaborators of this institution do not. Our mission is to bring them together, resulting in a total effect, allowing us to share the good necessary so that people have better days, better years, a better life.

by Igor Dias da Silva - Social Responsibility Consultant and Third Sector Management Specialist/Collaborator of Planeta Voluntários
Via Agência Nacional de Notícias / ANN Brasil
Contact: Marcio Demari / 43-3037-1240
SOURCE: Planeta Voluntários

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