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Globo Launches the 2017 “Criança Esperança” campaign

  Agência Nacional de Notícias / ANN Brasil  
PressReleasePing - July 19, 2017 -

Brasília, Brazil - The campaign Criança Esperança 2017 has just started. Last Friday (7) the mobilizers Lلzaro Ramos, Leandra Leal, Dira Paes and Flلvio Canto attended a press conference in Sمo Paulo to launch the 32nd edition of the campaign and share the details of this year's program. Among the news is the participation of online influencers who manage Globo profiles in social networks.

On the night of the 19th, broadcasted from Globo Studios in Rio de Janeiro, the mobilizers will lead live “Show da Esperança”, which features artistic direction by Rafael Dragaud and overall arrangements by Raoni Carneiro. The event will feature Luan Santana, Simone and Simaria, Ana Vilela, Nando Reis in a number with his children, Marcelo Adnet, Nego Borel, Alexandre Pires, Tiago Iorc, Sandy, Pablo Vittar, Anavitoria, among other attractions.

In addition to the mobilizers, Sérgio Valente, Media Director of Globo, Beatriz Azeredo, Director of Social Responsibility, and Marlova Jovchelovitch Noleto, Deputy Director for UNESCO Program also attended the press conference in the city of Sمo Paulo. This year, the topic of the campaign rescue the awareness of uniting efforts to achieve a greater goal.

— In such a difficult year, nothing more important than reminding people of the importance of this project and how changing it is. This campaign is not from Globo and Unesco, it is from millions of Brazilians. One of the main benefits is the mobilization to share the culture of participation when we are dedicated to stimulating the culture of solidarity in Brazil — says Sérgio Valente, Director of Communication at Globo.

For Beatriz Azeredo, Director of Social Responsibility at Globo, to mobilize the country for socially relevant causes is the greatest way the TV Channel can contribute to the country's sustainable development.

— More than mobilizing for the collection, we want to mobilize society for the big challenges. From now on, there is a lot of ground to cover in two months in 360° regarding Globo’s programming, entertainment, journalism, on break. There were more than 150 insertions only last year. That’s the point of starting a fundraising campaign — it points out.

Igor Dias da Silva — Social Responsibility Consultant and Third Sector Management Specialist / Collaborator of Planeta Voluntários
Via Agência Nacional de Notيcias / ANN Brasil
Contact: Marcio Demari / 43-3037-1240

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