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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek- Reasons And Tips For Successful Hiking

PressReleasePing - July 24, 2017 -This Content Is Source By @ Are you really serious about the mountain climbing? Or you just want to experience it only for fun and to make the travel experience a life time. In every case Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek is a truly unbeatable achievement. Book an experienced guide who can share with you the interesting facts on Kilimanjaro while climbing which would keep you cool, relaxed and entertaining. It is surprising that even many first timers have taken this as an experience of a traditional holiday rather than physically demanding. The climbers who love challenges take the challenging courses: the Lemosho, Umbwe and Northern routes. The expedition needs from 5 to 9 days with stopping to relax and enjoy the many sights of it. Why to think of Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek? • Kilimanjaro is easily accessible with regular flights to Kilimanjaro airport from Europe. • Climbing Kilimanjaro is not physically challenging. It requires only strong determination, a short training and lack of high altitude sickness. • Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, which is a dream land for the nature and adventure lovers. You can combine Serengeti Migration with your climb and opting to escape to Zanzibar at the end of the trip is always a good idea. • Kilimanjaro is a hot spot for studying climate change. It is the greatest natural wonder(a snow covered mountain on the equator). • Experiencing it’s changing vegetation with increase in elevation and encountering the unique flora , fauna and animals unique to every region is awe-inspiring. Get closer to the nature with Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek: an unforgettable experience and anyone who is physically fit can scale this snow-capped mountain on one of the many routes available. June and July, August – October and January are the best months to summit the mountain. 5- Essential tips for successful climbing. • Choose the right agency and time and discuss about your physical fitness with your guide. • Take the easiest, scenic and the shortest route to the summit with less traffic. • Undergo a short training. Your agency would give you this before going for hiking. • Never try to hide your symptoms of high altitude sickness in order to continue climbing. It may be fatal. • Always try to make your luggage light only with the essential commodities. If you want to give your Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek a new shape then we: the Trekili Eco Expeditions, is the only authentic choice. We are a duly registered company in Tanzania with the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency and Tanzanian Revenue Authority. We hold a TALA licence to conduct Mt Kilimanjaro hikes. We provide the highest standard of Mt Kilimanjaro treks, Mt Meru treks and Serengeti safari experiences in East Africa. We maintain the highest standards in service delivery and pay utmost importance to the safety of our customers. We charge very normally but always try to give the best of Africa to all our clients. Just drop us a mail to be mesmerised with our world class service and the raw beauty of this wild land. Address: Name- Joshep Alex Country: Arusha, Tanzania P.o Box: 1884 Phone: +255 753909004, +255 714 277 04 Email- Website-

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