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Indraraj Priyam: Practical Solutions to Your Spiritual Crisis

PressReleasePing - July 26, 2017 -A famous astrologer, Indraraj Priyam has been advising a host of clients in Kolkata over the last few years. By utilising your personal information, such as date of birth, birth time and birthplace, Indraraj Priyam can create personalized charts, offering insight into your future. Nevertheless, an astrological consultation is much more than a simple prediction of future. A detailed Astrological reading will offer new insights into your life to deal with the challenges in your path.  Expertise: He offers competent services in a number of domains – from astrological readings, vastu consultation, tarot card reading, palmistry, numerology, graphology to cognitive therapy. His practical solutions will enable you to grapple with any spiritual impasse.  Astrology The planetary movements influence and alter our life events – this is why, astrology can be beneficial to find suitable remedies for your crisis.  Vastu Shastra If investing in the renovation of your house, it is good to seek vastu consultation. Employing vastu in your remodelling plan will enable you to pick harmonious designs for your home.  Palmistry Palmistry is a useful method that reveals a person’s character traits and personality. Suitably, palmistry or the study of shape, size and lines of the palm may encourage you to understand the purpose of your life’s events.  Graphology Graphology, also known as handwriting analysis is employed to determine a number of useful things, including a person's character traits, personality and behaviours. Graphology utilizes tools like psychology and knowledge of human behaviour to serve a variety of purposes, such as recruitment, child development, marriage compatibility, career guidance, and more.  Numerology Numerology can assist you to accomplish important tasks like determining your ideal mobile number and bank account number. Furthermore, you can name your shop, new office or home with the help of numerology to gear you for success.  Cognitive Therapy Cognitive therapy is a highly effective mode of therapy that enables the therapist and his client to work together to find remedies by altering behavioural patterns and emotional responses of the clients.  Tarot Card Reading Tarot cards have mystical properties whereby an accurate tarot card reading might facilitate you to sneak a peek into your past, present, and future, prompting you to overcome impediments in your life path. About Indraraj Priyam: Indraraj Priyam is a famous astrologer in Kolkata, offering expert solutions to a long list of satisfied clients. With an accuracy rate of 99%, the eminent Astro Researcher, Indraraj Priyam lends his services to numerous celebrities in Kolkata. For more information about Indraraj Priyam, visit his official website:

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