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Auto Leases Enable Motorists to Drive for Less

PressReleasePing - July 30, 2017 -The supervisors at FairLease talk about the dollars and sense of auto leases. Dallas, TX, — Better gas mileage, advanced features, enhanced safety and greatly reduced chances for breakdowns all make new car purchases attractive options for motorists in need of new rides. The privilege of ownership, however, can come with some costly financial drawbacks. Auto leases provide an alternative that adds up to savings. “When motorists work with a car lease company to secure the vehicle of their dreams, their financial exposure is greatly reduced,” explain the supervisors at Dallas-based FairLease. “Rather than pay out large down payments, high monthly costs and significant interest rates on loans, consumers who lease gain access to brand, new vehicles for the term of their agreements. They gain all the benefits that go along with driving a new vehicle without the potential downsides.” Motorists who opt for car leases rather than purchase loans are likely to find savings that result from: • The lower entry point to drive – New vehicle purchases typically require large down payments that can put some vehicles beyond reach. Credit-qualified consumers who work with auto lease companies may find down payments and security deposits are waived entirely in favor of advanced payment of the first month’s lease price. That means the cost of obtaining a new car can be significantly lower from day one. • The lower monthly payment – While consumers will find terms may vary, the price of a lease is generally significantly lower than monthly purchase payments. The average consumer saves about $150 a month by leasing. • The removal of the depreciation hit – Automobiles are not necessarily long-term “investments” as many people think. Cars lose their value over time. In fact, the depreciation can be quite significant. Motorists who lease are not subjected to this financial loss. “Car leasing provides a viable way for motorists to contain their costs without sacrificing the quality of vehicle they drive,” the supervisors at FairLease explain. “For many people, the savings add up to be quite significant over the miles.” To find out more about automobile leases, visit FairLease online at About FairLease FairLease is a credit union owned company, FairLease follows a credit union philosophy of serving people, meeting their needs and providing the best product at a reasonable price. In essence, we want "lessees for life". That's why we work so hard to take care of customers and treat them fairly. In return, they get honest deals from a source they can trust.

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