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Oregon Eclipse Traffic Website adds Eclipse Weather Forecast

  Oregon Eclipse Traffic  
PressReleasePing - August 06, 2017 -

Portland, OR -The Oregon Eclipse Traffic website, has added quick link to long range weather forecasts to assist visitors and residents during the total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.  The website features cached traffic maps, selected traffic cameras, and printable “In the Total Eclipse Zone” directions for eclipse goers.

“No day in our lifetimes will there be more visitors to the state of Oregon,” says JW Bruns, curator of Oregon Eclipse Traffic. “If the weather is clear, hundreds of thousands of cars will drive from Seattle and California, to view the Total Eclipse in Oregon.  The Portland Metropolitan Area is just outside the zone, so a half-a-million Oregonians may join the epic auto migration on that day.”

Oregon has limited multi-lane freeways.  Roads into the eclipse zone are expected to bottleneck as people overwhelm the available routes.  The entire Oregon eclipse zone is in rural areas, so it is anticipated that cell phone access will become overloaded and fail.  There is concern that gas supplies will be short.  Highway services like grocery stores and restrooms will be overwhelmed. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has suggested that Oregon Eclipse goers should plan on an extra day for travel.  One day to go to the Eclipse, one day to see it, and one day to return.  The reason for this warning is clear.  After the eclipse the freeways in Southern Washington and Northern California are insufficient to take the number of cars that are moving that day.

The freeway to California; I-5 at Siskiyou Summit, and to Seattle; I-5 north of Kelso, are both four-lane freeways limited to 4,000 cars per hour in each direction.  It may take 30 hours to clear the eclipse traffic, even if there are no accidents or breakdowns. Many visitors will have an unexpected extra night outdoors in Oregon before they can leave the area.

Oregon Eclipse Weather information can be found on  Traffic information can be found at

About the Oregon Eclipse Traffic Website
The Oregon Eclipse Traffic website is a free service created by JW Bruns, CEO of CompanionLink® Software, Inc.  CompanionLink is a developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They also develop a DejaOffice® for Outlook® App which runs on Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows Phone®, and BlackBerry® devices. For more information, please visit and

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