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Startup Avalon "Draws Sword" To Slay Consumers’ Biggest Dragon - Savings | Video Goes Viral

PressReleasePing - August 09, 2017 -

How can we bring new utility and buying power to the crypto space without requiring infrastructure change from businesses?

Avalon, a robust Florida based startup is laying the bricks that will ultimately form the bridge between cryptocurrency users and big savings.

Blasting onto the scene with a full movie theater style, cinematic trailer: ( that received 4,000 views in the first day, Avalon is off and running and certainly at the top anyone’s ICO List.

The group’s exclusive membership platform will leverage the purchasing power of the world's largest untapped consumer-group - cryptocurrency users, and use that power to negotiate real world discounts on good and services you buy every day. Equipped with a stout whitepaper that is surprisingly an easy, non-technical read Avalon breaks down how it will achieve success in the “big business” world, while honoring and protecting the pillars of cryptocurrency on the user’s end.

In practice, members of the Avalon Platform will be able to browse an exclusive list of businesses that are offering their products at a discounted rate, then entering an Avalon specific discount code at checkout, or even showing their Avalon discount card at the physical cash register (regardless of if they pay in cryptocurrency or fiat) to receive a discounted price.

By not requiring the businesses to accept cryptocurrency directly, Avalon makes the process of obtaining new business from crypto "less scary" for vendors, as well as the savings endless for the users.

In addition to vast savings, members will have the ability to:

Earn “points” in the form of AVA Tokens for shopping/providing feedback/watching ads
Unlock deeper one-time-use discounts only available to Avalon members
Participate in big ticket item giveaways (absolute no purchase necessary)
Obtain some serious “wallet candy” by carrying around their Avalon Discount Card
And much more.

Avalon also has altruistic aspirations, planning to use its membership base to not only enhance blockchain consumerism, but also advocate on behalf of all cryptocurrencies. By putting a friendly, singular face on an industry that is heavily segmented and shrouded in anonymity, every member who joins the Avalon Platform not only pledges their purchasing power, but puts their “sword” into the fight against the defamation of the technology we know and love.

Although incorporated in Florida, the transparent developers are located in various countries and aspire to secure discounts all over the globe. Be sure to check out their Ethereum Decentralized Application proof of concept on their homepage.

Interested in getting involved in early access to the Avalon Platform? Save the date and lock in your membership during their crowdfund which begins August 25th. One lucky newsletter subscriber, chosen at random, will even receive a large amount of Avalon Tokens. You can lock in your chance at Avalon’s ICO Token page.

About Avalon Fintech LLC:
A Florida based startup, Avalon is a premier members-only platform, and the first GPO (group purchasing organization) that represents the cryptocurrency consumer-base and its purchasing power.

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Avalon Fintech LLC
Land O Lakes, FL, 34639

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