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Yeena Fisher Steals the Show at the Red Carpet Film Premiere of “The American Dream” at TCL Chinese Theatre

PressReleasePing - August 24, 2017 -The famous celebrity with a killer smile, Yeena Fisher, was seen at the Red Carpet film premiere of “The American Dream” at the TCL Chinese Theater on July 22nd, 2017. Donning a long and bright red Allegra Versace dress with bead embroidery, the gorgeous film star turned heads throughout the event. Fans, reporters, cameramen and all of the other attendees just couldn’t get enough of her look that fine July afternoon. Playing the role of the mother of the main character of the film, Yeena stunned everyone with her performance. Collette Jones, the character played by Yeena Fisher, was an integral part of The American Dream and the actress was flawless! Exhibiting her vibrant skill of acting and physical and internal beauty, director Robert Wakamatsu and producer Marcus Spencer praised and appreciated the effort that the star put in playing her role. The actress is also all set to play the lead role in upcoming film “The Guest House of the Dead” later this year and has also gotten a supporting role in the film "Shadow: Tale of an Assassin" which will be released in 2018. Actors Bill Duke and Ricco Ross, and several other celebrities from music artists to Emmy winning talent came to the TCL Chinese Theater to show their support for “The American Dream.” Organized by LC1 Publicity, one of the newest entertainment companies, the Red Carpet event was truly one of its kind. Shannon Fox and Foxy TV also did interviews of the stars attending the event including Yeena Fisher. “The American Dream” is a fun filled movie which is based on heartfelt topics like day to day commitment, passion, and support—all with a touch of suspense which helps keep the audience glued to the screens throughout the duration of the movie. The film has been released worldwide and DVDs can be found in any store including Target, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and Amazon. Check out the trailer for “The American Dream” here. About Yeena Renowned actress and producer Yeena Fisher is one of the most charismatic and influential celebrities in Hollywood today. The actress is also the executive producer of an entertainment company called FilmsLargerThanLife LLC. Contact Information Films Larger than Life: Facebook: LinkedIn:

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