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Canopus Infosystems uses all 3 Methodologies of AGILE Development

PressReleasePing - September 02, 2017 -Agile development is the process of developing software applications which follow a disciplined way to the project management. It is the best technique which allows you to deliver high-quality product, and follow business approaches which depend on customer needs and goal of the company. Agile development occurs between the self-organized cross functional teams where requirements and solutions spread through cooperation and participation. Agile is a parasol for various software development methodologies which include Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Crystal, Lean Development and much more. All of these methodologies incorporate and provide a continuous feedback which helps in refining and delivering a quality based software product. These methodologies guide to follow the best practices of developing a software product which helps in rapid planning, delivering and testing the software for customer and management. Here we define the three important methodologies for Agile development: 1) Scrum is the part of an Agile framework used to complete the complex projects or we can say software development projects. It is a lightweight process and used to improve the teamwork, communications and, speed. Sprint planning takes place over here, the product owner will divide the work into multiple sprints and according to the sprints, the work has been initiated. Scrum is the daily work done according to sprint planning, the ScrumMaster keeps an eye on the team to finish their goal in the given time period. 2) Extreme Programming (XP) is a software development framework in agile methodology which provides software quality and responsive environment for the customer. It is the most prominent and beneficial element for traditional software development process whose ideas are taken to the extreme levels. As the name suggests its programming and releases are Extreme, they happen in a very short period of time which is intended to provide quality and productivity. 3) Feature Driven Development (FDD) is also a lightweight process which is totally client centric and architecture driven software development. It contains initial modeling and model storming which includes an overall model or structure of building the software and then generating a feature list from that structure. The process starts from the development of a required model, producing a feature list, planning through that feature list, designing by feature list, and build from the feature list. Canopus provides you with the best and effective way of Software development followed by Agile methodologies. We have created most of our software products by using Agile development that includes many of the Agile methodologies mentioned above. By using Agile development methodologies quality of our product get increased, it reduces the time for developing a software, understands the need of our client, builds accordingly and in a given time frame. Agile makes the best practice for developers to build any product effectively and efficiently in the given time frame. For more information about us:

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