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ANTIDOTE Juices: A Reservoir of Energy for Your Daily Needs

PressReleasePing - September 04, 2017 -Nobody should try to go to any extremes, whether it is for weight loss or healthy muscle gain. Keeping this in mind, ANTIDOTE brings you the juices and health drinks made from raw vegetables, fruits and nuts that are cold pressed so that it doesn’t lose its vitamins and minerals. An extra shot of compounds that are vital for something specific, like xanthones that are found in Mangosteen fruit act as anti-convulsant, regularize bowel movements and are great remedy for skin disorders. ANTIDOTE lets you buy energy drinks online to start or update your plan as and when required for hassle-free nutrition. ANTIDOTE boasts of producing drinks that are completely organic and have no added flavouring agents or preservatives to make sure that you are away from the unwanted chemicals, and closer to natural compounds. Different programmes of ANTIDOTE drinks include Juice Cleanse, Exhale Juice, Skinny Down, Horse Power, Light Up and Nine Lives. All these programmes have different juices to step by step cleanse, polish, conditioning and flush out the chemicals from the body. These programmes also help in reducing extra fat and body toning, energising, treating skin problems from inside and anti-ageing. There are programmes that include drinking the juice once a week, once a day or just for a week every month. The plans are recommended by the professionals to optimise them for your maximum benefit. ANTIDOTE also produces lactose free mylk, using non-dairy ingredients like Almond, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Coconut Nectar, Vanilla Bean Extract, Raw Cacao, Raw Cane Sugar etc. making it a complete vegan milk, perfect to start your day. They come in three types: 1. ANTIDOTE Mylk Original: the special ingredient is coconut nectar which gives it an originally sweet milky taste. 2. ANTIDOTE Mylk Vanilla: Vanilla essence is extracted from vanilla beans and added to the almond milk to give it the strong sweet vanilla flavour. 3. ANTIDOTE Mylk Chocolate: Raw cacao and raw cane sugar is used to enhance the sweet taste of chocolate milk. ANTIDOTE also offers the option to buy health drinks online and get them delivered at your doorstep every other day so that you can keep up with your favourite ANTIDOTE plan without having to go to the store every day, at the same time not having to stock the juices, so you can enjoy fresh produce of ANTIDOTE every single day.

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