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Good time to share 10% off runescape 3 gold to enjoy RS new Prize Pool on Treasure Hunter

PressReleasePing - September 22, 2017 -Jagex brings a new Treasure Hunter in the game this week is Prize Pool RuneScape.You can buy cheap runescape 3 gold on now on until 23:59 UTC on 25th September, the new Prize Pool will be active on Treasure Hunter. When you use the keys each time, all have the opportunity to get the bonus on the Prize Pool at the top of the screen. Also you can get more or less prizes with more keys at random. It's a good chance that you can not miss it. One thing to note: When you using the key, you will have an extra prize added to your pool or all prizes you have previously removed away. This time should be especially careful, the longer you move on without claiming, the more prizes you can claim, or lose it all. Jagex’s response that they hope to provide kinds of different things with Treasure Hunter. The Prize Pool is a new attempt with a clear risk or reward mechanic, but baseline never changes. You can buy cheap RS Gold or OSRS Gold from Rs3gold, 24 hours online, give you convenience, fast and best service. In order to celebrate Runefest 2017,Rs3gold offer 7%-10% off cheap Rs3 gold/osrs gold from September 25 to October 10. 1.7% off Code RFT7 for your order less than $30! 2.8% off Code RFT8 for your order between $30 and $80! 3.9% off Code RFT9 for your order between $80 and $200! 4.10% off Code RFT10 for your order $200+! While,8% off code "SDM8" for Deadman Season 7 Gold on hot sale is available. Meanwhile,Never miss 10% off code "RSGACC" can be used for all RS07 account. Also,you can buy Rs3 gold/osrs gold and all other Products with your mobile smoothly. Using 8% off code "NEW8RS" to buy osrs gold /rs3 gold from anytime.

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