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Artiste Angele Smith’s Career and Achievements Pleasantly Surprises Fans and Supporters

PressReleasePing - October 11, 2017 -

Celebrities and artistes are often seen in the limelight and it is believed that they got to their position out of sheer luck or talent, but very rarely do their fans look into the years of hard work and effort they put into to reach their positions.

Angele Smith, a recording artiste from Jamaica, and the winner of the hearts of all Jamaicans in the Digicel Rising Stars Competition in 2009 is also one artiste that has an awe-inspiring story.

Angele began his musical journey very early on, being a vocalist at his high-school. This allowed his skill to be honed, as he received recognition and praise from those around in. He formed a band and sang at various concerts, becoming known as the “Angele Boyz”.

In 2000, the band changed their name to A20, and by 2006, released their first ever single which did not receive much success. However, it was the great determination and spirit of Angele that kept him going, and propelled him forward, allowing him to begin his solo career.

Knowing that music was his passion, he continued on, and with the encouragement of his friends and family, he managed to win the hearts of his Jamaican brethren at the Digicel Rising Stars Competition in 2009.

This was a turning point for Angele, as he would later go on to release many hit singles, and work with great directions from all around the world.

About Angele Smith:

Angele Smith is a recording artiste known for his works such as “Lovely Lady”, “Listen To My Song” and “Know Yuh Self. His soulful and soothing voice has allowed many to become his fans. For more informatioin:


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