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Oddway International Announced The Addition Of Pomalid To Its Product Catalog

PressReleasePing - October 18, 2017 -Oddway International, one of the largest traders of Specialized Wholesale Medicine, represents yet another effective medicine; Pomalid produced by Natco Pharma Ltd, which contains Pomalidomide in the form of capsules, in its extensive distribution of product range. Pomalid 1 mg Capsules is a medicine used to treat multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a form of blood cancer. Pomalidomide, the active ingredient in Pomalid works in multiple ways to slow or kill myeloma cells. It targets specific proteins within cancer cells and stops the cancer cell from growing. Oddway International has announced over 30 categories of product catalogs, offering hundreds of high quality products at affordable prices in each category. They are proud of the quality control and quality assurance they offer to International and Indian customers to improve their health and well-being with high-quality pharmaceutical products. About Oddway International Oddway International is a pharmaceutical company with more than 7 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on various areas such as oncology, hepatitis, arthritis, HIV / AIDS and others. The mission of Oddway's Pharm is to become a successful pharmaceutical supplier in the world, offering innovative products to fight disease and improve health and quality of life. Over the years, customer orientation has enabled them to expand their business by responding to changing customer needs around the world. Today, their activities are spread across more than 120 countries. They remain young and dynamic at the gates of new business opportunities. source :

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