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Sidhaant Murarka


Ample Mission

ISKCON Auditorium, Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Temple, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400049

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PressReleasePing - November 17, 2017 -AWARDS ZINDAGI KE 2017 - In recognition of the Bravehearts from the Armed forces protecting Indian soil. Spearheaded by Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka and Manish Murarka of Ample Missiion. Ample Missiion presents AWARDS ZINDAGI KE 2017 - a brilliant and unique initiative to honour the saga of bravery and the supreme sacrifice of all those selfless heroes who have never been applauded or appreciated for their brave acts. Ample Missiion has been instrumental in bringing life to all those concepts which have somewhere died in world of glamour, supporting causes and awarding all those who have bought a change in the society but never been appreciated for their untold sacrifices. Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka introduces the second edition of - first of its kind AWARDS ZINDAGI KE 2017 - In recognition of The Heroes from Real Life. Ample Missiion's Awards Zindagi Ke is an event that recognizes and salutes the armed forces of India. It seeks to identify all those whose service is currently helping or has helped our nation. We bring forth those individuals whose supreme sacrifices, often of their lives, ensure the safety and security of our nation. We honour their dedication, their commitment, and their undying love for the republic of India. He playing a strategic role in the company is a known philanthropist mentions “If we take the generally accepted definition of heroes, it has simply become Bollywood and Hollywood film stars. Nobody thinks about the real heroes from the Indian army, navy, Air Force, coast guard, and police. I, along with my team, have worked hard to put everything together & have received immense support from our friends from all walks of life to make my dream project happen.”

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