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Brazil Policy Agenda After-Corruption Trial Vote

  M.J Alves e Burle / advogado Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves  
PressReleasePing - November 18, 2017 -

Parana, Brazil - The second corruption trial vote against President Michel Temer was rejected this week by the House of Representatives. In spite of that, the number of votes in favor of the President (251 votes) is not enough to approve major reforms announced by the Government (minimum of 308 votes required). In this scenario where the President has reduced political support, the leadership of the Speaker of the House Rep. Rodrigo Maia emerges to shape up the political agenda.

The political agenda tends to focus on the following issues supported by Maia:

• Pension Reform: Rodrigo Maia defends a less ambitious proposal to modify only the age and the time of contribution.
• Tax Reform: Rodrigo Maia proposes a tax regime simplification covering PIS, Cofins and reissuance of the payroll tax.
• Public Safety: one of the Speaker of the House’s priority due to his relationship with the State of Rio de Janeiro.
• Health: the reform of Health Plans is high on the Speaker’s agenda.
• Privatizations: Rodrigo Maia advocates for financial mechanisms to assist financing production, including through privatizations and concessions.
• Derivatives market: the Speaker of the House proposes to open the derivatives market for small and medium-sized companies.
• Oil and gas: Rodrigo Maia shows great interest for reviewing the Brazilian pre-salt exploitation regime, advocating to change it for a concession model.

In this new after-corruption trial vote scenario where the President the Republic has less influence and the agenda is dictated by one of the Legislative Houses, it is important to monitor the reforms that are being announced and the parliamentary interests involved, mainly the 7 topics supported by the Speaker of the House.

Por: advogado Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves

FONTE: M.J Alves e Burle / advogado Marcos Joaquim Gonçalves Alves

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