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AquaVita Offers Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems For Tasty & Healthy Drinking Water In Nairobi

PressReleasePing - November 29, 2017 -A lot of injurious substances are present in the standard water system we use, hence a commercial water purifier is absolutely the need of the hour. People are really becoming more & more concerned regarding the purity of the water that they drink every day. Almost every alternate day there’re reports regarding the many injurious metals being discovered in tap water. If consumed regularly, these can guide to a wide range of health issues the cure of which can prove to be a costly affair. This is exactly the reason why most of the businesses or offices in Nairobi are switching to purified water and the best way to do this is by installing a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system. “If bottled water doesn't fit your office or business needs, our quality Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system is the ideal option for you. Reverse Osmosis technology goes beyond the capabilities of regular water filtration by employing a semipermeable membrane to extract impurities from water. It also has a multi-phase purifying system and water taste enhancement mechanism. Furthermore, RO water filtration offers a low maintenance, chemical-free choice to help get clean and great tasting water every day. Now your workplace can relish an alternative supply of pure drinking water at a very pocket-friendly price. With one or more water filtration units, your workplace will always enjoy pure drinking water, great tasting tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and soups. Most importantly the RO water purifier safeguards you and your office staff from the injurious effects of chlorine, heavy metals, lead, pesticides, chemical contaminants, bacteria and even radioactive substances” said a spokesperson of AquaVita. “Our AquaVita PHSI bottle-free water coolers are seamlessly attached to your existing water supply by our technician to offer you with waters that are bacteria-free and great taste. Our water purifier unit can be hooked directly into your existing culinary waterline; offering a practically never-ending resource of healthy water to your office staff and business customers. By having our RO water purifier system installed in your office you no longer have to rely on a service that provides costly bottled water in Nairobi. We offer every business in Nairobi an opportunity to come discuss a leasing option of RO Water filter & purifier Installation at there office bay.” he further added. About the company: AquaVita is a premier water purification supplier in Nairobi that offers a wide range of bottle-less water purification systems to banks, health centers, gyms, and warehouse unit throughout Nairobi, Mombasa, and Dar es Salaam. Anytime you are looking for an efficient water filter in Nairobi, feel free to call them at +255 222296270, +254 (0) 202396841.

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