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HappiNest Pest Repeller – Four Times The Necessary Protection

PressReleasePing - December 04, 2017 -

HappiNest, a young brand, has recently launched its first product. A company founded out of a strong desire to bring happiness and joy, HappiNest has decided to provide its customers with an electronic pest repeller perfect for a safer environment. The competition on this market is high, being filled with numerous providers ready to offer customers high quality devices. However, this detail has not discouraged this young brand.  HappiNest is passionate about protecting the environment and ready to offer client satisfaction. Having these two aspects in mind, launching a successful product turned into a matter of time. The company managed to launch the first product after a long market research and manufacturing process.

It is common knowledge that pests can easily invade homes and when they do, problems tend to appear and sometimes, these can be of a serious nature. Many people diminish this threat, forgetting just how dangerous pests such as rodents, mosquitoes, spiders and roaches can be. Deadly illnesses can be transmitted through the bite of a tiny mosquito. This is actually why the use of a pest repellent can turn out to be a life savior.

The pest repeller uses electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology adequate for indoor use, meant to repeal and keep pests and rodents away. The electromagnetic waves propagate along the electric wire whereas ultrasonic waves propagate along straight lines. These two technologies work together to reach the best possible dispersion effect.  The pest repellent device emits the ultrasonic sound which can travel up to 1.250 sq.ft. per device.  It is not recommended for the ultrasonic pest repeller to be placed behind solid obstructions like furniture or draperies. Ultrasonic wavers will be blocked.

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