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Concord Rusam Offers Fully Flexible Medical Assistant Programs For The Medical Profession Oriented Students

PressReleasePing - December 20, 2017 -A medical assistant is a crucial healthcare expert who works with doctors & nurses and helps them with different everyday errands. The duties of a medical assistant differ from one office to another, relying on the location & size of the practice and the practitioner’s specialty. Some of the administrative duties of a medical assistant may include greeting patients, updating & filing patients’ medical record, filling out insurance forms, scheduling appointments, handling billing, bookkeeping, etc. Whereas clinical duties vary according to the state law, including taking medical histories & recording important signs, explaining treatment process to patients, preparing patients for a checkup and helping the doctor during the examination. In a healthcare setting, medical assistants may also do exceedingly specialized tasks, precise to the unit in which they work. “If you are avid about assisting people & are keen in a career related to medicine & patient care, considering a medical assistant program in NYC may be the best possible option for you. With medical assistant training program from Concord Rusam, you’ll get the education you require to get started. Our medical assistant program in NYC is 920 hours of classroom & clinical studies undertaken by highly professional instructors with many years of experience in the equivalent field. Our instructors are both professionally and academically qualified. Most importantly, we offer relevant practical experience to share with learners, creating real-world experience during your course. Our medical assistant program in NYC covers Medical Terminology, anatomy & physiology, Electrocardiography, Microbiology & Urinalysis, Phlebotomy, Medical Law & Ethics, Administrative duties of a Medical Assistant and OSHA Rules. After successful accomplishment of the program, students will get a completion certificate which’s essential to sit on the NCCMAE (National Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Examination)” said a spokesperson of Concord Rusam. “Our curriculum offers student strong educational foundation for their medical career growth. Our program emphasizes on teaching vital medical terminology, patient scheduling, medical billing & coding, clinical help, medical law,and ethics. After successful completion of our medical assistant program in NYC, students are most likely to find jobs in medical offices, hospitals, clinical laboratories, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies, and nursing homes among others” he further added. About the company: Founded in 2007, Concord Rusam is a private school that helps students to succeed at the most in-demand medical professions. Concord Rusam is officially a Certified and Approved SEVIS School and provides International Students with Student Visa M1. Upgrade your medical assistance Skills with Concord Rusam to boost your career in clinical medical science.

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