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"New Novel Blends Love, Friendship, and Life on the Jersey Shore"

PressReleasePing - January 23, 2018 -

 For Immediate Release


"New Novel Blends Love, Friendship, and Life on the Jersey Shore"


Call it a Nicholas Sparks novel with chutzpah, call it a fun ride of lifelong friendship set on the Jersey Shore, or call it just plain fun. The Jennifers, the new novel by writer Jenny G. Perry, depicts the everyday lives of a gaggle of girlfriends who have grown up together but have grown in different ways.

          Told through the eyes of one of the girls — each girl is named Jennifer so they refer to one another by nickname — whose crumbling marriage to a bombastic wannabe mobster-type buffoon of a husband gives way to an exciting new love. From the first chapter, The Jennifers becomes a page turner that is far and away better than a typical offering in the same genre.

          Will Jennifer "Pink" Ratelli, our storyteller, escape the greasy clutches of her disgusting husband, Sal? Will she create a new family with the love of her life, Bobby, the rising alternative rock star who is ten years her junior? And then there are the kids — ten year old Carmela, and sweet little Joseph who is only seven — to consider. How will this roller coaster ride affect them?

          And finally there is the seasoning provided by Pink's kooky but loyal friends, the other Jennifers. They are characters who each deserve a book of their own.

          "I started writing it before I realized I was pregnant with my fourth child," author Jenny G. Perry remembers.  "He became like my co-author, often being right in my lap as I typed away.  I was using a hand-me down laptop, which would overheat and shut down.  We bought a fan for underneath it, but one of them blew out.  So I resorted to ice packs."

          Jenny recalls putting a towel on the fan part "and I had two to four ice packs, depending on the day.  If I had three, I’d have to balance it so it was level.  If the kids never took their ice pack out from their lunches and put them back in the freezer, I wouldn’t be able to write that day because the laptop would literally just shut down on me," Jenny chuckles.

The book is now available internationally on, Barnes & Noble,, and will be released on Amazon Kindle on May 7, 2013.


Press Contact: Patty Beach – 609.474.5677

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