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Sydney Cosmetic Clinic Warns of Risks in Seeking Surgery Abroad

PressReleasePing - February 17, 2018 -

Sydney, NSW, Australia - While there is debate on the exact numbers traveling abroad to access cheaper medical and dental procedures, there is unanimity among all commentators that there are extraordinarily high health risks for Australians travelling to some foreign countries to have these procedures.  

The warning from The Sydney Cosmetic Clinic follows that of Dr John Flynn, Censor-in Chief at The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), whose media release in April 2016 reported that the ACCS was deeply concerned about the continued growth of ‘cosmetic surgery tourism’ after the reported death of a Victorian man after cosmetic surgery in Malaysia. A further Australian has died in Malaysia just two months ago while having cosmetic surgery there, as reported by the ABC on 18th December 2017. 

Dr Flynn noted in the ACCS release, “The standards of care and facility safety in Australia are the highest in the region. One has to question the wisdom of increasing risks to health and welfare to get a holiday or save a few dollars.”  

Sydney Cosmetic Clinic’s Principal Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr George Mayson endorses the warning by the ACCS that risks to ‘cosmetic tourism’ may include:  

  • Increased risk of complications, infection and impacts on general health particularly with older people where complications are more likely to occur;  

  • Difficulty in assessing doctors’ qualifications and training;  

  • Difficulty or impossibility of a consultation with the surgeon prior to surgery including potential language barriers;  

  • The opportunity for follow-up care is reduced along with  protocols for continuity of care;  

  • Travel and surgery don’t mix well: there is an increased risk of post-operative Deep Venous Thrombosis (Leg Clots) during the flight home;  

  • Revision Surgery could be required and this can be problematic when the operating surgeon is thousands of miles away. This increases risks and costs for patients and potentially to the public health care system as well;  

  • Unsatisfactory results are very difficult to redress legally or through other avenues such as State Health Care Complaints Commissions;  

  • Australian anaesthetists are among the best in the world and this reduces the risk of complications arising from anaesthesia, and;  

  • Australian Fellowship-Accredited Cosmetic Surgeons, specifically trained in Cosmetic Surgery procedures, are among the best in the world.  

The City Weekly, in researching the risks of cosmetic procedures in foreign countries has found numerous disturbing reported instances of lives being put in danger. These have included the need to remove tubes and other foreign objects from patients on their return to Australia. Australian Surgeons have also had to remove mis-matched implants and even "tester" sample implants from patients inserted by overseas surgeons. These “test sample” implants are not intended for human use and if leak could cause serious complications or possibly death. 

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