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The Ballet Buffet: Recipe for Success When Teaching Technique is Now Available on Amazon

PressReleasePing - February 27, 2018 -

Dallas, TX – Dance enthusiasts including instructors and parents are applauding the release of Brenda Bobby’s new book The Ballet Buffet: Recipe for Success When Teaching Technique.

One Amazon Reviewer wrote: “The Ballet Buffet is a GREAT book for anyone looking to improve or shake up their regular barre teaching methods. The book describes how to use imagery that any child would be familiar with to help them understand the correct way to execute basic Ballet technique. The best part about this, is that whether it’s a beginner student or advanced, the same imagery can be helpful and add to their training. I plan on using this method with all of my classes, and I truly believe it will really help my little ones understand what we are asking them to do. I am so glad I purchased this book, and I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out.”

About the Book: Based on Brenda’s unique teaching theory of using familiar images to teach children and youth to dance, and honed over more than 20 years as a dance studio owner and instructor, this new book uses food imagery to teach ballet, encouraging students to “Think of your plié as a marshmallow!” or “Think of your leg as the knife spreading the peanut butter.” By relating the movements to familiar foods, students of all ages can easily understand and apply the concepts to their movement.

A downloadable coloring book to provide fun and encouragement to young dancers and reinforce their learning comes free with the paperback book.

 About the Author:  Brenda Bobby works as an educator, consultant, and adjudicator for national competitions, conventions, studios and individuals. She also runs a recreational program in Pittsford, N.Y. Through her personal and professional work for the past 20+ years, she has developed a series of educational tools that have assisted her in teaching ballet to hundreds of dance students.

About the Book: The Ballet Buffet: Recipe for Success When Teaching Technique is available now on The price is $14.77 for the paperback including the downloadable e-book, and just $4.97 for the e-book in formats readable on all tablets, smart phones and computers.  Brenda is available for interviews at

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