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Black Cannabis Company to Launch New Tech-Driven Smart Packaging Experiences in California.

PressReleasePing - March 07, 2018 -

Yolo County, California - “Camp Green” is a licensed California cannabis company owned and operated by African Americans in Yolo County, California. Ever since their beginnings in 2013, they have been growing premium organic cannabis in Northern California, and offering the highest quality assurance, testing all of their products in the lab.

Camp Green always stood out as a cannabis producer for true connoisseurs, and their commitment isn’t only to quality organic products, but to the experience as a whole, from the farm to the way the packaging can interact with users.

Ever since day one, the business set out to stand out for their dedication to quality, as well as for their will to offer something more to their customers, going the extra mile to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Recently, the company set out use groundbreaking technology to revolutionize their smart packaging on their leading brand, “Pussy Riot.”

“Pussy Riot” products include flower, extracts, and other merchandise, aiming to deliver an ultimate sense of luxury, for true cannabis aficionados who don’t settle for anything less than stellar.

The new smart packaging works with the “Tap((N))” technology, familiar with Apple Pay and Android Pay users. The product packaging will be able to launch a digital experience for the customer, right from on their mobile devices.

Emery “Wolf Morrison” Morrison, CO-VP of Marketing, commented, “Integrating technology and Smart packaging enables us to give our customers a unique experience that goes beyond using our products. It’s about culture building.”

CEO Marvin Wilcher also added “integrating smart packaging into our products is how we will work with strategic partners, like distributors, delivery services, and retailers, to bring value and assist with their R.O.I.”  

CO-VP of Marketing JuanMarquis "Jay" Johnson went on to add: “We get to ”Tap((N))” think outside the box and speak to the Consumer with visuals using smart technology and cool tools we have developed. This will Incite activation and we are ready to share the experiences.”

This is a key enhancement for the brand, known for its celebrity affiliation, is that they will be able to combine a digital experience with the tangible feel of a physical package. The new implementation will also allow the company to offer further assistance better if needed. Camp Green products are known for the benefits of the cannabis strains used by the company, which support wellness and can provide relief from pain, nausea, anxiety, stress, and depression, among other common issues.

Whether you are an entertainer in Hollywood or a patient looking to benefit from the remarkable medical properties of cannabis, Camp Green is the answer you seek.

“Pussy Riot” brand products will roll out by the end of the first quarter of 2018, in the state of California, in concert with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the Golden State.

About Camp Green Inc
Established in 2013, produces a line of premium Organic Cannabis products, cultivated in beautiful Yolo County California. Grown on the organic farms of Northern California, ALL Camp Green products are lab tested to insure delivery of the highest quality for patients and cannabis connoisseurs. Brands Include Pussy Riot, Rich Soil, Giancarlo Lucci, Krafted Organics, Yolo Grande & L.A. Broccoli. Our Products include Flower, Extracts and Merchandise delivering you the ultimate Quality Cannabis Lifestyle experiences!

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Emery "Wolf" Morrison VP of Marketing
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City of Guinda, Yolo County, California
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